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Mapsted Solution - The world’s ultimate indoor navigation system for shopping malls

Indoor navigation within shopping malls has had a tremendous impact on customer experiences and behaviours. Visitors who find stores easily tend to purchase more products while those who have a hard time locating shops end up spending significantly less than expected.

This is a big issue for shopping mall managers who still don't utilize Mapsted Solution, the world's most advanced indoor positioning system. The platform offers malls a revolutionary technology that is both simple and extremely efficient.

Mapsted has created the world's most advanced
indoor positioning system

Mapsted is an indoor GPS solution based on state of the art technology that does not require beacons,
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or similar supporting systems. It is a self-sufficient platform that makes indoor location and navigation a snap. Let's check out exactly how it can improve your retail centre.


Mapsted FREE indoor mapping: Why do you need it?

Indoor navigation turns disoriented shopping mall visitors into goal-driven customers. With Mapsted technology, people are given turn-by-turn instructions on how to get to any given store.

Wayfinding doesn't have to be a painful experience: shoppers are free to create their own routes and reach their destinations without wasting valuable time. Each user’s initial location is identified only on their own phone in real-time so, they know where they are relative to the store they are looking for. Users have the option of choosing the optimal path through the mall. At the same time, Mapsted provides customers with a comprehensive search engine for both products and destinations. Users can conduct in-app searches by name or store/product type, which makes wayfinding even simpler.

Now, you are probably wondering how long it takes to initiate the whole procedure and implement Mapsted technology. We will tell you straight away that it takes only a few days. Deployment is unbelievably quick and efficient. This is how the entire process happens:

1. Upload floor plan of
your shopping mall to
Mapsted platform.
2. Clients receive a
calibration app and
literally walk around the mall to
acquire ultra precise data.
3. The plan is ready to use
and your customers can now
start navigating through
the shopping centre.

Other platforms take much more time for implementation, while Mapsted is able to minimize the deployment cycle thanks to its innovative approach and self-supporting technology.

Speaking of self-sufficiency, we must emphasize that Mapsted is easily scalable to any facility or retail property because it requires zero investment. The system is hardware-free, eliminating the need to buy or install additional equipment to make the platform fully functional. Further, Mapsted is able to locate users with almost no error margin.

It is abundantly clear that Mapsted technology outperforms antiquated and less advanced systems such as Google Maps Indoor. But there is still one crucial thing left to highlight:

The platform is totally FREE of charge!
No hidden fees. No trial periods. No hassle.
This leaves no room for excuses -
what are you waiting for?!

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Practical benefits of shopping mall indoor navigation

It is pretty clear how the Mapsted platform works but do you really understand the benefits of such an exquisite indoor navigation system?

First of all, it solves a wide range of practical problems. Mapsted eliminates pedestrian traffic jams and bottlenecks, converts angry visitors into satisfied shoppers, and can even help improve rental revenue. These are just a few of the many advantages that come with implementation of Mapsted Solution to make your shopping centre more productive and more profitable.

But the list of benefits does not end there. Let's see some other features that add value to Mapsted indoor positioning system:

Low maintenance

Mapsted is a self-supporting
technology, so there is no need
for any maintenance costs or
fees for you or
your customers.

High availability

The system is operational
99.9% of the time. To
put it simply, Mapsted
will never let you down.

Easy deployment

As we already mentioned,
you can launch your own indoor
navigation platform in a matter of days.
The average shopping mall map is ready
for launch within 3 to 4 days.

High accuracy

Accuracy is within 3 meters or less.

Privacy Priority #1

The platform is designed to
keep users' personal data completely
safe. It protects the privacy of your
customers and prevents possible
data breaches.

Low latency

Mapsted is perfectly
calibrated and able to process
massive data volumes quickly.
As such, the platform functions
in real-time without delays.

Business intelligence

Analytics reports can be generated by Mapsted that can sort, filter, and analyze
information by demographic indicators,
traffic patterns, dwell times,
and purchase behaviours.


Mapsted offers customers a superb experience
with access from any location 24/7.

What are you waiting for?

Mapsted is the most advanced indoor mapping technology that has the potential to improve customer shopping experiences and boost profits for your mall. The platform has all you need to ensure seamless wayfinding without wasting time or money. Mapsted Solution is the ultimate indoor navigation system and is being offered to you FREE of cost! It's your turn to make the next move! Simply click on the purple button below!

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