Vacation FOMO? Never again with Mapsted’s advanced indoor location-based solutions

Indoor navigation can make or break a getaway.

One-dimensional apps, pamphlets, and information desks typically all lead to one common problem: guest frustration.

Mapsted’s next-generation indoor location-based services enable resorts to provide effortless navigation to all their amenities, send guests personalized messages

The frustration of generic indoor navigation solutions

Resorts may have their own apps, but these tend to offer guests only a few generic services like the ability to choose their room, unlock their door, and on occasion, learn about upcoming events. What these apps are missing is a highly personalized platform that caters specifically to each guest of the hotel or resort.

While pamphlets and flyers were always the main method of keeping guests up to date with the latest amenities and events, people often get frustrated when they have to carry around their smartphone and a random paper.

But let's face it, carrying all that around is still better than trying to remember 20 directions, and the times of the five different events you learned about at the resort information desk. This is definitely not the relaxing experience guests are looking for during their stay. This may be the reason people say they need a vacation after they come back from their vacation.

Resorts should be a place where guests come to relax and unwind, not stress about missing events or getting lost on the property.

A new way to vacation

Mapsted is the world leader in indoor navigation technology. And unlike the existing competition in the resort industry, Mapsted’s indoor location-based solutions help guests navigate around the resort from their smartphones.

From welcome messages when they arrive, to the chance to send feedback and suggestions when they leave, make the experience all about the customer, ensuring a highly-personalized stay.

Based on location-based triggers, guests instantly receive push notifications letting them know about nearby excursions or events, so they never miss that fitness class they wanted to take or the special evening show in the theatre. In addition, when a guest receives this notification, they are given the option of being guided right to the event, their via the indoor GPS option, ensuring a worry-free enjoyable experience.

With this technology, guests don’t have to rely on a piece of paper or the resort information desk to stay up to date with the latest events happening around the resort.

Next-generation Personalized Customer Experiences

Based on the feedback received from guests, and advanced analytics, Mapsted is able to help resorts accelerate, improve, and increase operational efficiency. Mapsted is able to determine which areas of the resort get the most attention, so resorts can optimize the areas that don’t get enough traffic and direct guests to the new and improved attractions.

Resorts should value the experience of their guests above anything else. By using Mapsted’s advanced indoor location-based technology, resorts can give their guests access to everything they need right in the palms of their hands: from stress free and effortless navigation, to personalized messages, and updates on all the important events taking place around the resort.

Navigating around a large resort complex can be frustrating, especially for first-time guests. Mapsted’s next-generation indoor location-based services enable resorts to provide effortless navigation to all their amenities, send guests personalized messages to make sure they don’t miss any special excursions, and receive timely feedback to take their guest services to the next level.

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