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Mapsted is awarded new patent to enable
location services in multi-storey facilities

Developing an accurate indoor positioning system may seem like a
routine job, but it's actually difficult to design technology that accurately
pinpoints users' locations in large facilities

At the moment, none of the frequently-used platforms ensures precise device targeting in multi-storey
buildings such as shopping malls, factories, or hospitals.

GPS is a great solution for outdoor positioning, but it fails to deliver the same results in closed facilities
because physical obstacles interfere with the satellite signal. Other platforms such as beacons, kiosks,
and visual markers don't make the situation any better. Each one of location-based services has substantial
shortcomings that prevent them from precisely determining the indoor location of shopping mall visitors.

Given the fact that customer experience greatly depends on indoor positioning system accuracy, it is
evident that shopping centres need a cost-effective and scalable solution that does not rely on hardware
installation and maintains high performance and precision indoors.

Mapsted realized this problem and developed an
indoor GPS platform that successfully identifies
the position of users in multi-storey facilities

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The Mechanism behind Floor Detection
and Indoor Navigation

Two years ago, Mapsted has been awarded a patent for indoor wayfinding in large facilities with
multiple storeys. Systems and methods for determining indoor location and floor of a mobile device have
been granted the official patent number US996150881. Mapsted is an exclusive patent owner until 2037
and holds the right to decide who and how can use the new system.

What makes this platform so special and better than other services? The answer lies in Mapsted's ability to
create indoor maps that precisely calculate the position of smartphone users regardless of the number of
floors in a shopping mall.

In order to function properly, this indoor positioning app
requires the following inputs:

A mobile device
having a processor
and a memory

At least one wireless signal
data to measure signal strength
and determine at least one candidate
location of the device for each floor

A map constraint feature
or a heading determined
in accordance with
device sensor data

To put it simply, Mapsted identifies the most likely position of the device based on wireless signal data,
step information, and anticipation data.

The wireless signal comes from Bluetooth or WiFi, while step information includes inputs on length and
heading. On the other hand, anticipation data cover routing information, map constraints, and device
movement history.

Mapsted's invention is the foundation for the
floor detection in multi-storey building indoor
navigation systems

The platform makes use of all the data available to figure out the phone floor transition in
all situations. This is exactly what makes our technology so great - it functions flawlessly even in the
case of floor transitions using stairs, elevators, and escalators.

If you are interested in technical details, Mapsted indoor navigation
relies on the four-step mechanism:

A map importing module takes a
floor map of an indoor space and
processes it for further use

A calibration module creates a
fingerprint map of the shopping mall
described by the floor map

A floor localization module searches
the fingerprint map of every floor to
determine the most likely location
for each storey

A floor detection module combines
the most likely location for each storey,
map constraints, and device movement
data to determine the floor and location

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About Mapsted

Mapsted is a Canadian technology firm founded in 2014. The company specializes in localization
technologies, marketing, and business intelligence. To date, our team of over 25 dedicated engineers
and designers created 30 approved patents, with almost 50 other patents pending. We strongly believe
in hard work and the power of innovation.

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