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We are pioneers in location services, transforming the way museums and galleries connect with their audiences.

Simplify Museums & Art Galleries with Leading-Edge Navigation Technology

Museums and galleries are more than just repositories of art and history; they are dynamic spaces of learning, discovery, and connection. At Mapsted, we understand the unique challenges you face in creating a seamless and enriching visitor experience while managing complex operations. Our location technology solutions are designed to address these pain points, empowering you to:

Innovate Art Engagement

Captivate visitors with interactive maps, personalized recommendations, and self-guided tours, fostering deeper connections with your collection. Say goodbye to lost and frustrated patrons, and hello to a new era of immersive experiences.

Streamline Visitor Flow

Optimize the movement of visitors throughout your space with real-time location data and analytics. Manage crowds, reduce bottlenecks, and ensure a smooth, enjoyable journey for everyone.

Enhance Educational Impact

Go beyond wayfinding. Provide visitors with contextually relevant information, multimedia content, and interactive experiences that deepen their understanding and appreciation of the art and artifacts.

Our Expertise, Your Masterpiece

Overwhelmed by a vast collection? Finding your way in a sprawling museum or gallery can turn an inspiring visit into a frustrating maze. Mapsted is here to transform that experience into a masterpiece of navigation.

100+ Patents

Our unwavering commitment to innovation is reflected in our extensive patent portfolio, making us leaders in indoor location technology.

1 Billion Square Feet Deployed

Mapsted's technology guides visitors through vast cultural spaces around the world, demonstrating our reach and impact.

Leading Without Boundaries

Our solutions operate seamlessly without relying on external Wi-Fi, beacons, or GPS - providing unparalleled reliability and flexibility.

The Benefits of Choosing Mapsted

Interactive Digital Maps

Empower visitors to explore your museum at their own pace, with detailed maps accessible on their mobile devices or through kiosks.

Personalized "Don't Miss" Lists

Allow visitors to curate their own experience by creating lists of must-see exhibits.

Self-Guided Tours

Offer curated tours that visitors can follow independently, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of your collection.

Location-Based Recommendations

Surprise and delight visitors with real-time suggestions of nearby exhibits based on their location.

Accessibility Features

Ensure inclusivity with voice- guided directions, text-to-speech capabilities, and accessible route planning.

Mapsted Technology in Action

18% Increase in Visitor Satisfaction

Museums utilizing Mapsted report a significant boost in visitor satisfaction scores, directly attributable to improved wayfinding and personalized experiences.

Ready to Transform Your Museum or Gallery?

Elevate the visitor and staff experience with Mapsted's cutting-edge solutions. Partner with us to embrace innovation in cultural navigation and management, creating a more engaging, accessible, and memorable experience for all.

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Amp Up Visitor Engagement at Your Museum

Check out how Mapsted's cutting-edge indoor navigation, interactive maps, and personalized tours can transform visitor experiences, streamline operations, and enhance educational impact.

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