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Location Positioning Technologysolutions for Mobile, Web and Kiosk

Mapsted lets you experience seamless outdoor-indoor positioning and wayfinding without the need for beacons, Wi-Fi, or additional external hardware

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Superior Accuracy, No Hardware Needed

Mapsted’s location marketing technology provides sub 1 meter accuracy, 200x more accurate than traditional GPS and Cellular based services.


It’s easy to get lost in large indoor spaces

Malls, hospitals, or university campuses can be hard to navigate. And GPS can’t help you find your way inside.

Mapsted's cross-platform location technology, with advanced horizontal and vertical positioning, can help your visitors quickly get to their destination, even in complex properties with multiple floors and buildings.

Location Positioning Technology

Mapsted lets you experience seamless outdoor-indoor positioning and wayfinding without the need for beacons, Wi-Fi, or additional external hardware

We use innovative, adaptive, data-fusion, and self-learning algorithms to deliver accurate, scalable outdoor and indoor positioning technology using any off-the-shelf smart-phone.

Maps, Positioning & Wayfinding

Customizable indoor navigation solutions to meet the growing needs of your business

Mapsted Maps - Mobile

Mapsted Maps Mobile with indoor positioning allows for seamless outdoor-indoor navigation and localization without the use of beacons or other external hardware.

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Mapsted Maps - Web

Mapsted Maps Web offers visitors and staff a searchable, interactive map that helps them plan and visualize their routes.

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Manage CMS

Manage and customize Mapsted Maps to meet specific business needs, using our proprietary content management system.

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Easy Integration

The Mapsted Maps cross-platform development toolkit is organized into several modules for easy integration with your applications. We also offer support for multiple third party business intelligence software using our APIs

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Advanced Features

Forward-thinking accessibility options, intelligent search, real-time location sharing and other advanced features, create a dynamic wayfinding experience

Interactive Map

Experience seamless outdoor-indoor wayfinding with a fully customizable,interactive map.

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Intelligent Search

Mapsted’s sophisticated algorithm delivers a smart suggestive search feature that finds matches based on names, keywords or categories.

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Indoor Navigation

Highly accurate, seamless, scalable indoor navigation for a wide variety of industries.

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Seamless indoor wayfinding with advanced multi-destination routing technology.

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Mapsted’s technology delivers highly customizable accessible route planning for safe, reliable navigation in any location.

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Location Sharing

Indoor positioning with powerful real-time location sharing features.

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Outdoor-Indoor Navigation

Seamless outdoor-indoor positioning without the use of Bluetooth beacons, Wi-Fi, or additional external hardware.

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Content Management System (CMS)

Manage CMS software allows you to quickly add properties, upload floor plans, and customize our interactive maps in real-time, ensuring your visitors always have the most up-to-date information.

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Multiple language support through localization for a global reach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor positioning is a technology that is used to locate people and objects in large indoor spaces. It works similar to a Global Positioning System but for indoor spaces, where GPS signals are not very effective. It enables various other indoor intelligence features that can help in improving customer experience and management in a large indoor space.

Mapsted understands the needs of consumers. That is why Mapsted has engineered a unique algorithm that sources over 50 data points, ensuring accuracy and scalability. This allows us to respond effectively to the changing needs of our clients and design solutions that will work best in their type of environment, ensuring their visitors have the best experience possible when interacting with their properties.

For more information on how to build your Indoor Positioning System please review our Developer Docs.

Flexible solutions to serve any industry

Location-based marketing can add tremendous value to many different industries including (not limited to):

Higher Education

Keep students, visitors and staff engaged and up-to-date with the latest campus news and events.

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Mall Retail

Keep shoppers in the “know” with the latest news, events, and deals happening around them.

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Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Send personalized welcome messages to your visitors, suggest upcoming live events, and help them connect with other attendees.

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Big Box Retail

Keep shoppers in the “know” with the latest news, events, and deals happening around them.

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Hospitals & Healthcare

Personalize relevant notifications to patients, visitors, and staff,

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Transportation Hubs

Share live travel updates with passengers along their journey, ensuring they’re up-to-date.

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Resorts & Parks

Upsell in-house specials or excursions, ensure guests know about all of the events that are taking place around your park or resort.

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Museums & Art Galleries

Send personalized welcome messages and upsell related products in your gift shop.

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