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Re-imagine YourMarketing Capabilities with Location-Based Marketing

Powered by innovative hardware free technology, Mapsted’s location based services marketing technology provides comprehensive customer engagement platforms that facilitate unforgettable experiences between consumers and the brands or companies they love.

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Superior Accuracy, No Hardware Needed

Mapsted’s location marketing technology provides sub 1 meter accuracy, 200x more accurate than traditional GPS and Cellular based services.


Innovation at the forefront of marketing

Captivate your audience with customizable push notifications, in-app notifications, and news feed updates.

Lower Costs

Smartphones and mobile devices have become somewhat obligatory for consumers, they are also the only tool needed for consumers to receive your ads. There is no need to buy additional external hardware such as beacons.

Location-based Targeting

The number one tool to location-based marketing is the use of a target location. Using geolocation marketing will initiate the process of reaching out to consumers within a certain region. This makes this easier to market to your target demographic.

Understand your Customers

Based on location-data from smartphones, businesses can use this advantage to increase consumer reach. Marketing relevant ads of your business will persuade more customers through geofencing and a user’s location.

Higher conversion rates

When customers receive ads that are tailored to their exact wants and needs, they do not feel spammed or annoyed, increasing their chances of purchasing your products.

Boost quiet periods

Promotional deals or relevant ads can still thrive online since it can continue to reach out to consumers with smartphones.

Increased engagement

As consumers receive your ads they will be more likely to engage with your app.

Features your business will benefit from

Contextual Messaging

Use location intelligence to send relevant discounts and offers to customers who are most likely to buy your products and services.

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Audience Segmentation

Gain a deeper understanding of your target audience, and increase customer engagement along every step of the buying journey,

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Proximity Marketing

Send highly relevant, timely offers, promotions, and notifications to customers when they are nearby, to market to customers right when they’re looking.

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Location-based Advertising

Use location-based advertising to send meaningful offers to your customers when they are most likely to act on them

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Send personalized notifications and promotions to customers based on their geographical location, for relevant content they’ll want to engage with.

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Increase brand awareness and draw potential customers away from the competition by sending highly targeted ads to people who are visiting a competitor’s business.

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Notify CRM

Send personalized notifications and promotions to customers based on their geographical location, for relevant content they’ll want to engage with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mapsted’s Location Based Marketing allows companies to run highly targeted advertising campaigns based on the location of the target audiences. This makes the advertisement relevant to the customer as they can easily access the services presented to them.

Location based marketing has various types of technologies to work with. Mapsted uses advanced geofencing tools to target audiences in a particular area and run advertisements.

Location based marketing can help you run highly targeted advertisements to customers based on their location. This enables you to send information about products and services that are easily accessible to them, hence making it much relevant. This encourages the customer to take action and increases engagement.

Location based marketing is growing popular in variou industries. This is the future of digital marketing with much more accuracy as the technology develops further. Personalised advertisements are much more efficient than the previous traditional methods.

How it works

Mapsted gives businesses the tools to generate successful outcomes by gathering and leveraging the full range of consumer historical and situational information that’s available, to deliver highly personalized contextual messaging


Find and target consumers and potential customers in your market using our powerful audience segmentation platform.Learn how to gain the deep insights you need to market to your potential customers using
Mapsted Location Marketing technology


Design compelling campaigns using Mapsted’s dynamic customer engagement tools to reach your clients with relevant offers they won’t be able to resist.Learn more about creating effective hyper- personalized campaigns with Location-based advertising


Send contextual, useful offers and promotions to your potential customers at the right time, in the right place, using our targeted alert and notification management platform.Learn how to use geofencing and behaviour-based triggers to create and send relevant push notifications with Notify CRM

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