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Global Positioning System (GPS)

What is GPS technology and can it be used for indoor navigation purposes?

About GPS

GPS is a system made up of three parts: satellites, ground stations, and receivers. The basic GPS service provides users with approximately 8-meter outdoor accuracy 95% of the time.

Satellites flying around above earth emit signals to receivers to determine their location by computing the difference between the time that a signal is sent and the time it is received. This data contains information about where the satellite is located and other adjustments to determine location accuracy

Once these data ranges are determined the receiver can then compute its own three-dimensional location called trilateration. At least four satellite signals are required to accomplish this positioning otherwise there is room for multiple outcomes.

Challenges With GPS

GPS is a common technology that has helped tremendously with outdoor navigation. But what about indoors? It seems like it would be a simple solution to bring GPS technology inside but it falls short in performance.

  • Needs uninterrupted satellite signal to work properly
  • Can not determine the floor level the device is located on
  • Walls and similar obstacles in large facilities interfere with the signal
  • Assembling the Wi-Fi fingerprint map can be time-consuming
  • Users demand better than the 30 to 100-meter accuracy you would typically get indoors using GPS technology

When deciding on an indoor navigation technology for your company, you must consider all the benefits and constraints of the technology.

Mapsted’s Solution

It is extremely important to consider the effectiveness and accuracy that each technology provides. Mapsted’s patented indoor navigation technology is a great example of how accuracy and effectiveness can be achieved in indoor navigation.

By utilizing over 50 data points, Mapsted’s advanced algorithm can obtain information crucial to the indoor navigation experience. The scalability and ease of use ensure uninterrupted navigation services for your facility.

Download our Technology Landscapes whitepaper to learn about how Mapsted outperforms pre-existing technology.

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Mapsted’s IPS Eliminates The Need For External Hardware.

  • All-in-one IPS
    The technical limitations of other indoor navigation technologies can't deliver what Mapsted's patented core technology does - a highly accurate and cost- effective stand-alone indoor positioning system.
  • Eliminate extra costs
    Other indoor positioning systems require the use of expensive external hardware and costly maintenance.
  • No external hardware
    Instead of relying on external hardware for location- based needs, Mapsted technology pulls from a huge variety of data sources to create a powerful and accurate indoor positioning system.
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Put your business on the map with our next-generation indoor navigation technology.

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