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We're pioneers in location technology, reimagining how universities and colleges leverage their space.

Simplify Healthcare with Leading-Edge Navigation Technology

A university campus is a microcosm of its own – a dynamic ecosystem of learning, growth, and endless possibilities. But within this bustling environment lies a challenge: navigating the complex web of buildings, departments, and resources. Mapsted understands this intricacy. Our cutting-edge location solutions are designed to bridge the gap between physical spaces and digital experiences, empowering your institution to:

Foster Student Belonging

First day jitters or a transfer student's disorientation? Mapsted ensures everyone finds their way, from dorms to dining halls, fostering a sense of belonging and easing the transition into campus life.

Unlock Operational Excellence

Imagine real-time insights into campus utilization. From maximizing classroom capacity to pinpointing maintenance needs, Mapsted empowers your staff to make informed decisions that save time and resources.

Create a Vibrant Campus Community

Transform your campus into a living map. Highlight events, clubs, and services directly on the map, fostering engagement and creating a truly connected community.

Your Campus, Reimagined

From sprawling campuses to multi-building complexes, Mapsted's patented indoor positioning technology doesn't just provide directions – it unlocks the potential of your space.

100+ Patents

We don't just follow trends; we set them. Our extensive patent portfolio reflects our commitment to pioneering the future of location technology.

1 Billion Square Feet Deployed

Mapsted's footprint extends across the globe, empowering diverse spaces to connect people and places.

Leading Without Boundaries

No beacons, no Wi-Fi reliance. Our technology seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, ensuring a cost-effective and scalable solution.

The Mapsted Difference

Intuitive Wayfinding

Empower students and visitors with easy-to-use maps, personalized routes, and real-time updates on events and services.

Resource Optimization

Make informed decisions about space allocation, staffing, and resource management with comprehensive analytics and heatmap visualizations.

Enhanced Safety & Security

Quickly locate individuals during emergencies, implement geofencing for restricted areas, and streamline safety procedures.

Personalized Engagement

Tailor the campus experience with location-based notifications, event recommendations, and accessible features for all users.

Mapsted: Transforming Campuses Worldwide

20% Reduction in Time Spent on Wayfinding

Students and staff report saving a significant amount of time navigating campus, allowing them to focus on more important activities.

Ready to Reimagine Your Campus?

Join the universities and colleges worldwide that have embraced Mapsted to create a more connected, efficient, and engaging campus environment. 

Let's create a campus experience that's as unique and innovative as your institution.

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Revolutionize Your Campus Operations & Enhance Student Life

Boost safety, optimize resources, and foster a vibrant campus community with Mapsted's proven technology. Explore how we can help you achieve measurable results and a positive ROI.

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