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February 01, 2021


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a navigation for your campus

College is a major life milestone for students. Those years aren’t only a crucial academic experience, but for many it’s the first time they’re away from home and navigating life on their own. Indoor navigation for campus can significantly impact a student’s experience on campus.

The pressure to succeed in the classroom and balancing other aspects of college life, including work, social activities and relationships, can be overwhelming. In addition, most college or university campuses are like small cities, and it can be difficult for students to find their way around, adding another layer of stress and frustration to their school experience.

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College – Before Indoor Navigation Technology

Traditionally, when students arrived on campus, one of the first things they’d do is take a long walk. This stroll around campus was a way of noting and remembering landmarks students could use to find their way to class or sporting events in the future. But unless the landmarks were truly memorable, students would quickly forget about them, and navigation around campus remained difficult and confusing.

While most campuses do have welcome centres staffed with people who will guide you in the right direction, it’s a hassle to use them. Who can remember 20 verbal directions at once? And no one wants to carry around a brochure with a map on it; this isn’t the 90’s anymore. 

Navigating the Modern Campus Experience

navigating-the modern-campus

Smartphones are the one thing students carry with them on campus 24/7 and they’re constantly looking at their screens. It only makes sense for schools to provide a navigation solution for their students that’s built right into their mobile device. 

While there are existing apps and technology students can use to help them find their way around campus, this technology is very limited in functionality and not very accurate. 

Most of the indoor navigation for campus apps that exist today are created only with navigation in mind. You would think that with only one job, these apps would have a high level of accuracy. But that’s not usually the case. Many guide students to within 10 meters of their desired location. This could be the difference between walking into a fourth year Advanced Electromagnetic Theory class or your first year Academic Reading and Writing class (sorry humanities people). 

Mapsted’s indoor navigation for campus platform is the only one that requires no additional hardware. That means your campus doesn’t need Bluetooth beacons, Wi-Fi routers, or digital kiosks for wayfinding services to work, making it cost-effective and highly accurate. 

With this indoor navigation for campus platform, students, faculty, and visitors will never miss an event or opportunity on campus because, in addition to effortless navigation, they can receive location-based notifications directly to their smartphones. 

Indoor navigation for college campus real-life application


Let’s say a student is on their way to an exam but the location has been changed at the last minute. With Mapsted’s technology, the student will get a notification telling them about the change, then the student will be guided, using our indoor GPS, to the new location. 

Imagine a visitor is walking by the campus basketball arena. Using our location-based notification system, they will instantly be notified about the current game, as well as upcoming ones so they don’t miss out on any of that school spirit.

This location-based notification system ensures everyone on campus is aware of the events that matter most to them. Whether its information on clubs, programs, awards, sporting events, or available volunteer positions, Mapsted’s platform ensures people on your campus are kept up-to-date. 

Real-Time Information


Mapsted’s next-generation platform also provides detailed, real-time analytics, which includes real-time traffic flow on campus. Emergencies can be prevented by managing staff presence based on real-time crowd density analytics. In the case of an actual emergency, campus security can manage students more efficiently by knowing where they are in real-time. Having this information ensures a much safer environment for everyone.

The workload of a university student is already stressful enough – navigating their way to class shouldn’t be. Mapsted’s A+ navigation system enhances the overall student experience, allows universities to engage directly with students, visitors, or staff, and provides powerful location-based real-time analytics, helping schools gain valuable insight into their students’ needs. Using this powerful data can increase security, optimize facility layouts, and improve operational inefficiencies.

Contact us today and we’ll help your school pass indoor navigation with flying colours!

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