Healthcare Facilities

Transformational Indoor Navigation Solutions for Healthcare Facilities.

  • Elevate the Patient Experience
  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce Asset Loss

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    Elevate the patient experience at [account_name] with Mapsted’s advanced location-based indoor positioning technology to provide effortless indoor navigation, keep healthcare workers connected, and minimize operational spending.

    Elevate Customer Experience

    Ease the hospital visit burden by offering visitors and patients a simple, intuitive solution to navigate to appointments in a bustling, multi-level complex.

    Reduce Asset Loss

    Save millions and minimize equipment loss with our location-based solutions. Efficiently allocate staff and resources where they're most needed, optimizing management decisions and operations.

    Improve Operational Efficiency

    Gain insights into patient behaviour and resource usage to enhance staff efficiency. Ensure patients receive the quickest routes to their appointments, optimizing their experience and streamlining operations.

    Discover the Power of Mapsted for Healthcare Today!

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    Create Better Patient Care Experiences

    Use Mapsted’s precise indoor navigation, targeted notification, and real-time analytics to create safe, efficient patient experiences at your healthcare facility.

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