Transforming the Museum Experience

Combine on- and offline to create a seamless museum-going experience, using advanced indoor navigation, contextual messaging, and real-timelocation intelligence solutions

Find the way

Deliver an interactive navigation experience that helps guide visitors to galleries and exhibits using highly accurate indoor positioning and advanced routing technology.

Delight and engage

Use location- and behaviour-based messaging and audience segmentation tools to send personalized messages to your visitors when they arrive at the museum, upsell related products in your gift shop, and gain valuable feedback about their experience.

Understand your Visitors

Use comprehensive real-time data insights like dwell time, heat maps, and engagement information to understand what fascinates your visitors to help you choose and curate specific exhibits.

Get to Know Your Visitors

Delight your visitors on their trip to your museum or gallery. Help them easily find the exhibits they came to see, suggest related itemsin boutiques and cafés, and understand their interests

Interactive Indoor Navigation

Enhance the visitor experience with highly accurate, cross-platform positioning tools that take the frustration out of wayfinding, and help museum -goers search for points of interest they want to visit, plan their routes, and reach their destinations in the order they want.

  • Interactive maps, turn-by-turn Blue Dot navigation
  • Horizontal and vertical positioning
  • Advanced accessibility options
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Contextual Messaging

Connect with your visitors and help them get the most out of their visit by sending timely, relevant messages and offers they’ll want to see.

  • Send targeted welcome messages to direct visitors to new gallery pieces or events
  • Contextual offers and discounts for items at the gift shop or café
  • Detailed surveys for valuable customer feedback
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Real-time Traffic Flow Analysis

Use detailed, real-time insights to optimize traffic flow, plan the best locations for your artworks, and adjust marketing strategies to attract more visitors, increase sales, and even plan upcoming exhibitions.

  • Comprehensive location- and behaviour-based visitor information
  • Heat maps for in-depth traffic density and flow information
  • Detailed insights into most and least popular exhibits and events
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Mapsted Solutions

Get to know your museum visitors and patrons so you can create engaging fundraising events, provide a delightful gallery experience, and curate exhibitions they’ll want to visit again and again


Audience - Gain deep insights into your market segments

  • Create detailed user personas using rich data
  • Understand your customers and their habits to create finely-targeted niche audiences
  • Go beyond standard audience targeting with real-time highly granular location data

Notify - Targeted alert and notification management

  • Take advantage of both geofenced and behaviour-based triggers
  • Send contextual, useful messaging to your clients, no matter where they are
  • Access support for multiple third party business intelligence software using our APIs

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