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Infrared Technology (IR)

What is Infrared technology used for?

How Infrared Positioning Technology Works

Infrared (IR) uses electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than the visible light spectrum.

Infrared technology is a system composed of an infrared light emitter diode, which emits an infrared signal as bursts of non-visible light, and a receiving photodiode to detect and capture the light pulses, which are then processed to retrieve the information.

Challenges With Infrared Positioning Technology

  • Not suitable for IPS
  • Sunlight causes interference
  • Requires direct line of sight
  • Privacy concern for users

IR accuracy is affected by multiple factors including directivity as well as the way that it can refract and scatter off of objects causing irregularities in direction. This poses significant challenges when being used for IPS purposes because a direct line of sight is required. The presence of sunlight also affects the accuracy of the system.

This is why an infrared system can be an acceptable choice when used in applications that require a short range line of sight, such as a communication signal from your remote control to your tv, but not as useful for IPS purposes.

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Mapsted’s IPS Eliminates The Need For External Hardware.

  • All-in-one IPS
    The technical limitations of other indoor navigation technologies can't deliver what Mapsted's patented core technology does - a highly accurate and cost- effective stand-alone indoor positioning system.
  • Eliminate extra costs
    Other indoor positioning systems require the use of expensive external hardware and costly maintenance.
  • No external hardware
    Instead of relying on external hardware for location- based needs, Mapsted technology pulls from a huge variety of data sources to create a powerful and accurate indoor positioning system.
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