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Image-Based Navigation

What is Image-Based Navigation and can it be used for indoor navigation purposes?

About Image-Based Navigation

Image-based navigation occurs when a user takes a photo of their whereabouts in a facility and is provided with a navigation path based on their current location. This method of navigation requires the facility to have a massive database of photos of all the stores within the building that act as landmarks for wayfinding.

The user would then take a photo of their surroundings and the algorithm finds the best route for their destination.

Challenges With Image-Based Navigation

It seems as though it would be relatively easy to implement image-based navigation in a facility since most of the population has a mobile device that has a camera, but this is simply not the case. There are many different factors that come into play when using an image as a point of reference for wayfinding.

Challenges with the technology:

  • The user has to grant access to their mobile camera which causes privacy concerns
  • Image quality is hard to reach a 100 accuracy rate due to lighting conditions, angles, and phone quality. The success rate is therefore not at an acceptable level for navigation
  • Concern from other users that they are being recorded/ photographed without their consent while the technology is being used

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Mapsted’s IPS Eliminates The Need For External Hardware.

  • All-in-one IPS
    The technical limitations of other indoor navigation technologies can't deliver what Mapsted's patented core technology does - a highly accurate and cost- effective stand-alone indoor positioning system.
  • Eliminate extra costs
    Other indoor positioning systems require the use of expensive external hardware and costly maintenance.
  • No external hardware
    Instead of relying on external hardware for location- based needs, Mapsted technology pulls from a huge variety of data sources to create a powerful and accurate indoor positioning system.
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