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Unlock your application's hidden potential with Mapsted SDK

Mapsted SDK empowers our customers to utilize the endless possibilities of our localization technology. This starts with turn-by-turn navigation on personal handheld devices with no additional infrastructure. Mapsted is the only localization provider in the world able to offer this service. This experience can then be further enhanced with geo-fencing capabilities to offer real-time interactive communication and detailed invaluable analytics.


Mapsted's unique localization technology can be adapted to virtually any industry or environment

As the only global provider of genuine infrastructure-free localization solutions, Mapsted's team will unlock your industry to the hidden value inside.
Retail Establishments (such as Malls, Retail Chains or Individual Stores)
Hotel and Resort Chains
Large Office Buildings
Cruise Ships
Transportation Hubs (such as Airports and Train Stations)
Trade Shows, Convention Centres, Exhibitions
Healthcare Facilities

...Universities, Manufacturing Facilities, Security Facilities, Parking Lots...

You name it - Mapsted can deliver it.

If you can dream it, Mapsted will meet
that challenge and exceed your expectations!

Discover the possibilities with

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