Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities are often considered stand-alone cities. With housing, dining, and diverse events
on site (not to forget educational activities!), it is an experience that many can literally get 'lost' in!
Where is my classroom? Where do I eat?

The answer to these questions and more is at your fingertips with Mapsted. We will guide you
where you need to be and provide various opportunities along the way. While the benefits of seamless
outdoor to indoor wayfinding through sprawling and complex campuses is paramount, navigation is only
one of the many benefits that Mapsted's location technology can provide.
Indoor map being used by students at a university

Use Cases

  • Improve the college or university experlence for new students allowing them to explore a campus and its many facilities without the risk of getting lost
  • Guide students, visitors and staff seamlessly through complex multi-building facilities as well as the outdoor spaces between them - classrooms, labs, lecture halls, stadiums, washrooms, offices, security and emergency exits
  • Communicate operational hours and emergency situations
  • Communicate classroom/lab and schedule changes directly to the students and staff
  • Reduce the time your staff spends giving directions
  • Aid navigation through your facility for those with disabilities or visual impairment
  • Save money on traditional signage and printed maps
  • Guide critical staff to emergencies
  • Keep track of and find mobile equipment
  • Improve the overall branding of YOUR university or college
  • Provide invaluable analytics such as traffic patterns, classroom/lab utilization, student and visitor flow, etc.
  • Find my Friend feature allows users to set a 'friends' list and easily find friends, teachers or classmates
  • Maintain the ability to modify YOUR map as usage of space changes with different events, displays, courses, etc.
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