Cruise Ships

Cruise ships have literally become floating cities... and these cities come with the expectation of comfort and convenience. With so many wonderful offerings available, many travelers simply need a reminder or simple directions to make their day.

We also know that over 85% of travelers rely on their smartphone while on vacation and most app users prefer to have navigation as a key feature. But navigation is only one of the many benefits that Mapsted's location technology can provide.

indoor maps for cruise ships “Young travelers now represent 20% of international tourism”

Use Cases

  • Guide guests seamlessly onto and throughout the vessel
  • Greet booked guests as they board the vessel and direct them to the appropriate area
  • Inform guests of Wi-Fi passwords, location of dining, spa, recreation or other facilities
  • Inform guests of activities based on location and interest
  • Allows your staff more time to personally care for each guest and build personal relationships to improve loyalty and guest experiences
  • Aid navigation through your vessel for those with disabilities or visual impairment
  • Keep personal preferences, profiles and data as well as previous habits by anticipating the guests' needs and preferences before they even have to ask — a welcome surprise
  • Communicate relevant info to enhance experiences both on-ship and off such as featured shows, port attractions and nearby restaurants
  • Advertise and offer discounts to your guests for spa treatments, exclusive dining, etc.
  • Monitor location of on-board staff to optimize their ability to react to guests' needs
  • Direct guests to safety in an on-board emergency
  • Maintain the ability to modify your map as vessel layout changes