Entertainment and Sports Venues

Venues for sports and entertainment vary widely in their design... but all have a common goal:
ensure a seamless, fun and safe experience for all patrons. There are shopping and dining opportunities
to complement each event, and many opportunities to enhance the visitor experience with the right tools.

Mapsted has these tools and can provide your facility with the ability to put them to work.
While the benefits of wayfinding through arenas and stadiums is paramount,
navigation is only one of the many benefits that Mapsted's location technology can provide.
indoor location

Use Cases

  • Guide visitors to their seats, washrooms, food stands, merchandise sales
  • Show them where to park
  • Target advertise or make special offers to your patrons
  • Improve traffic flows within the facility to improve customer experiences
  • Provide interactive games and treasure hunts to improve loyalty
  • Based on loyalty or proximity, offer special prizes or pregame experiences or mobile-guided stadium tours when there is NO event ongoing
  • Aid navigation through your facility for those with disabilities or visual impairment
  • Up-sell for empty seats in more expensive zones that are not occupied
  • Know where your patrons enter and exit
  • Say goodbye and thank them/ask for feedback when they leave
  • Understand where people are queuing and when to help smooth this process
FACT * Over 30% of consumers don’t use mobile shopping apps because they don’t receive any useful discounts or coupons