Hotel and Resort Chains

Hotels and resorts want to offer the utmost in comfort and convenience to their patrons.
Building loyalty means servicing and anticipating guest needs while creating the most relaxing
environment possible. Getting lost or missing opportunities are contrary to the desired results
and guest frustration can take away from an otherwise flawless experience.

Ensuring a seamless stay is paramount to realizing loyalty and commendations. While the benefits
of wayfinding through ever larger facilities is vital, navigation is only one of the many benefits
that Mapsted's location technology can provide.
indoor positioning system accuracy

With Mapsted Map

Guide guests seamlessly through the hotel or resort.
Greet booked guests as they enter the facility and direct them to the appropriate desk or area.

Provide Information

Inform guests of Wi-Fi passwords,
location of dining,
spa or recreation facilities.

Enhance Experience

Communicate relevant info to
enhance experiences such as city
attractions or nearby restaurants.

Aid Navigation

Aid navigation through your facility
for those with disabilities or
visual impairment.

Improved Guest Experience

Allow your staff more time to personally care for each guest and build personal relationships to improve loyalty and guest experiences.

Keep Track

Monitor location of housekeeping and maintenance staff to optimize their efficiency.

Modify your Maps

Maintain the ability to modify your facility map as the facility is renovated.

Tailored Offers

Keep personal preferences, profiles and data as well as previous habits by anticipating the guests' needs and preferences before they even have to ask — a welcome surprise.


Inform guests of activities based on location and interest. Advertise and offer discounts to your guests for spa treatments, in-house dining, etc.

FACT * Millennials are expected to spend incrementally more on travel services than any other age group

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