Large Office Buildings

Location-based indoor positioning, navigation and tracking can make managing
large office buildings a snap.

There are many varied benefits for the building and managers, its staff and occupants,
and for visitors that may only need access to certain areas. While the benefits of wayfinding
through often complex spaces is paramount, navigation is only one of the many benefits
that Mapsted's location technology can provide.
Discover the possibilities for your office or industry building with Indoor navigation and indoor positioning services

Use Cases

  • Customer ID recognition for banks or corporate facilities so staff will know their client before the interaction, making them feel important, respected and appreciated
  • Book meeting rooms
  • Navigate visitors through the building
  • Grant maps and access to visitors based on their security clearance
  • Find colleagues or monitor worker locations (are certain individuals spending 90% of their time in the lunch room?)
  • Communicate directly with those within the building for emergencies or important notifications
  • Targeted offers while customers are waiting for a meeting or service
  • Aid navigation through your facility for those with disabilities or visual impairment
  • Analytics to find customer behaviours, traffic patterns to better understand and anticipate needs, flows, rush hours, profiles and resources as well as areas of building that may not need expensive utilities left on
  • Monitor locations of security and maintenance staff to optimize their efficiency
  • Ability to modify YOUR map as office tenants change and/or layouts change as tenants leave, arrive or renovate
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