Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities come in all shapes and sizes and can be as difficult as a maze
to find your way through. Time is money and wasting that precious time is inexcusable with
today's technology. While the benefits of wayfinding through these often complex spaces
is paramount, navigation is only one of the many benefits that
Mapsted's location technology can provide.

Use Cases

  • Guide employees and visitors through complex multi-building facilities as well as the outdoor spaces between them
  • Communicate with employees and/or visitors based on location in the facility
  • Provide invaluable analytics re traffic patterns, facility utilization, employee and visitor flow, etc.
  • Guide critical staff to emergencies.
  • Welcome visitors as they enter the facility and guide them to specific areas or rooms within the facility
  • Ability to modify YOUR map as usage of indoor space changes with new or modified manufacturing processes, production lines, etc
  • Monitor locations of key production and maintenance staff to optimize efficiency
  • Products and workers can be tracked in real time, eliminating the need for managers or supervisors to walk around
  • Streamline asset finding and usage, decreasing the risk of obsolescence
  • Provide workers with interactive maps of large manufacturing facilities
  • Automate worker check-in and check-out
  • Provide turn-by-turn directions for factory workers in large warehouses or across connected complexes
  • Help employees find spare parts quickly and easily
  • Help immediately direct Emergency Services within the facility
  • Assemble teams and staff to complete key work processes
  • Quickly connect with colleagues in large venues using Find my Friend
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