Museums and Art Galleries

The classics have been around for years... but that doesn't mean you want your patrons to get lost
and wait eons to see them! You have so many experiences and amenities to offer,
you don't want anyone to miss a thing.

The ability to have interactive media educate and guide visitors through their journey creates an immersive
and unmatched experience - one that is expected by millennials of today. While the benefits of
wayfinding through these spaces is paramount, navigation is only one of the many benefits that
Mapsted's location technology can provide.
Indoor GPS being used in a museum

Use Cases

  • Guide patrons through the museum, to washrooms, dining, merchandise shops or specific collections or exhibits
  • Show patrons the optimal location to park
  • Offer discounts or promotions
  • Inform patrons about attractions and event times
  • Aid navigation through your facility for those with disabilities or visual impairment
  • Provide interactive displays to better inform patrons about the objects they are seeing
  • Interactive games or scavenger hunts for patrons
  • Audio guide through the facility with links to learn more
  • Analytics to see where patrons spend their time, to optimize traffic patterns, and so much more
  • Ability to modify YOUR map as usage of space changes with different events and displays
FACT * 70% of millennials expect special places to offer immersive experiences that are interactive and hands on