Security Facilities or Emergency Personnel

Security and emergency services have a very diverse range of needs. The single most
time-consuming delay in supply of these services is the ability for personnel to find their way
to a specific person or situation in need.

Control of this environment is often the next issue that can mean the difference between disastrous and
safe outcomes. While precise and real-time indoor navigation will greatly aid in solving these issues,
navigation is only one of the many benefits that Mapsted's location technology can provide.

Use Cases

  • Improve security and life-safety operations, including high-risk scenarios such as an active shooter,, terrorist attack, fire evacuation, an active stalker and/or slip-and-fall situations
  • Improve visitor management by providing wayfinding assistance for visitors to help locate their parked vehicles upon building departure
  • Provide users with emergency incident instructions, specific to the type of incident and to the user's exact location
  • Direct bystanders and people in the area away from an ongoing and potentially unsafe environment
  • Detect unauthorized loitering or congregating, entry into restricted vehicle and equipment parking and storage areas
  • Guide and monitor police, fire brigade or medical services to find their way inside buildings
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