Transportation Hubs

Modern airports and train stations have truly become multi-modal transportation hubs and often
encompass sprawling layouts and multiple offerings. While travel is the core mission, these hubs
must satisfy many other objectives such as dining, shopping, parking, security and communications.

Over 2/3 of travelers using mobile apps prefer those with a navigation feature.
But navigation is only one of the many benefits that Mapsted's location technology can provide.
passenger navigating through an airport using an indoor map

Use Cases

  • Guide travelers to their gate or platform, security clearance, dining, baggage claim, duty-free and other shopping, washrooms, rental cars, shuttles, ground transportation and passenger assistance
  • Determine traffic flow patterns and area usage
  • Offer coupons or discounts to travelers
  • Merchants can display location-based ads and make special offers in real-time
  • Inform passengers immediately of delays, security issues, gate or platform changes
  • Improve travelers' personalized experiences
  • Inform of wait times to manage queues, customs clearance
  • Aid navigation through your facility for those with disabilities or visual impairment
  • Have the ability to modify YOUR map if the facility layout changes; as stores or restaurants change names; as tenants leave, arrive or renovate
  • Provide travelers who are dining or shopping with appropriate reminders about their departure times, based on the time it takes to get from each traveler's current location to the flight's departure gate
FACT * 66% of customers using mobile apps in store/airport/mall prefer apps with navigation feature