How We Work

We respect and value diversity

We believe that diverse perspectives,
experiences, ideas, knowledge, and
cultures are essential to success.

Teamwork is important to us

We work collaboratively to achieve our goals
and meet the needs of our clients. We’re
committed to making impossible solutions
a reality by working together to achieve
groundbreaking innovations in technology.

Innovation is at the core
of everything we do

We empower our teams to use creative
approaches to solve complex problems
and develop unique solutions for
our clients.

Company Culture

We work hard, but we always make time to relax, have some fun, and connect with our coworkers. Throughout the year, we host a wide variety of activities and games. Lunchtime Zumba classes, yoga breaks, contests, trivia competitions, catered lunches, and even a volleyball game or two.

There’s always something fun going on at Mapsted. Don’t miss out!

For further inquiries, please contact

Suite #200 - 200 Matheson Blvd. West,
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
+1 647-929-6381


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