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We are an innovative Canadian technology firm that provides
the world's most accurate Indoor Location Technology. We also
play a mean game of volleyball!

Unlike other indoor navigation platforms, our patented, award-winning,
ground-breaking core localization technology does NOT require Wi-Fi,
Cellular or Bluetooth (BLE) connections… and resides in the palm of
your hand! It is easily deployed in challenging sites such as high rise
buildings or conversely, those dwelling below the surface... areas
previously thought of as “dead zones".

We not only provide precise turn-by-turn navigation, we also provide
platforms for both real-time, targeted, location-based Marketing and
never-before-seen Analytics.

Company Facts

Company Founded


Strong Engineering Team

Over 3 million
lines of code

Patented Technology

27 Allowed Patents 45+ Patents Pending

Technology Deployed

Over 40 million SQ FT & counting

We believe in the Mantra: Work Hard. Play Hard.

Company Career

We are a team of dedicated engineers, designers and innovators that are at the heart of a rapidly growing tech company. Our HQ is in Mississauga, but our teams are all over the globe. It’s the diversity of people and their ideas that inspires innovation and we encourage people of all backgrounds to join our team.

We are looking for curious, smart and pragmatic people who want to flourish professionally, build unique products and help grow a great company together. If you see yourself working at Mapsted, check for open positions and come join us on this journey.

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