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Superior Accuracy With Location Analytics Tools

This technology provides comprehensive insights into customer behaviour, including popular areas, traffic patterns and visit duration to help identify areas for improvement and to develop targeted marketing campaigns.

Uses real-time data analytics to enable quick response to visitor behaviour changes, make data-driven decisions and improve the visitor experience.

PRECISE TARGETINGone metre accuracy

Deep Data-driven Insights

Mapsted Analytics allows you to use pattern visualization to understand the relationships between traffic flows, analyze historical trajectory patterns, and take advantage of density maps to make business decisions that make sense for you and your business.

  • Allocate more staff at specific hours in areas of your venue
  • Introduce new product displays in heavily-trafficked areas
  • Be prepared by optimizing your space to handle an increased number of visitors during holidays

Understand Traffic Flow Relationships

Use data visualization patterns to gain a deeper understanding of the relationships between multiple traffic flow trajectories throughout your property.

Knowing how, when, and for how long your customers and visitors interact with your space can help you put resources behind the right decisions for your business.

Save costs, improve efficiency, and increase profit with Mapsted’s advanced pattern visualization software.

Analyze Historical Trajectory Patterns

In-depth pattern visualization allows you to analyze pedestrian trajectory patterns over time across various areas of your property.

You will clearly be able to see common patterns and identify areas that require more resources, or optimizations.

This type of pattern analysis will also show you outliers, allowing you to investigate further and take advantage of hidden opportunities in your business that may not otherwise be apparent.

Take Advantage Of Density Maps

Understand which areas of your property draw the most traffic and make decisions based on real-world rich data that is specific to your business.

Use this data to optimize schedules, resources and improve the layout in your facility. Are there underutilized areas in your venue that could be put to better use to draw more visitors?

Take advantage of density maps to ensure you maximize your space for the best results for your business.

How It Works

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Mapsted Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Pattern visualization gives forms to the data collected in a way that is meaningful and easy to understand.

Data visualization can help marketers understand analytics and other information that can be used to make important decisions in marketing.

There are various characteristics of data visualization. One of the basic ones is that it's scalable, visually appealing, easily understandable and very beneficial to make important business decisions.

Flexible Solutions Serving Any Industry

Location-based marketing adds tremendous value to many different industries including (but not limited to):

Higher Education

Keep students, visitors and staff engaged and up-to-date with the latest campus news and events.

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Mall Retail

Keep shoppers in the “know” with the latest news, events, and deals happening around them.

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Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Send personalized welcome messages to your visitors, suggest upcoming live events, and help them connect with other attendees.

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Big Box Retail

Let shoppers know where they can find deals, send messages about events, and latest product news.

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Hospitals & Healthcare

Personalize and send relevant notifications to patients, visitors, and staff.

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Transportation Hubs

Share live travel updates with passengers along their journey, ensuring they’re up-to-date.

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Resorts & Parks

Upsell in-house specials or excursions, ensure guests know about all events taking place around your park or resort.

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Museums & Art Galleries

Send personalized welcome messages and upsell related products in your gift shop.

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