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Integrate Mapsted SDK in just a few minutes into your existing smartphone app, both on Android and
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  • indoor navigation SDKNo Beacons
  • No Internet
  • No External Hardware

Blue-Dot Navigation:

No hardware needed! Mapsted has patented the only hardware-free handheld indoor navigation platform in the world, and it's available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Mapsted's interactive indoor maps with turn-by-turn real-time wayfinding can then be added for your unique solution ... in virtually no time at all. The most accurate, affordable and reliable blue-dot technology available... all in just the palm of your hand!

Multi-Waypoint and Plan My Itinerary:

What is indoor navigation without being able to plan at least part of your shopping excursion ahead of time? Our SDK lets your users work OFF or ON-line to search for and pre-select their preferred destination store locations and points of interest. They will have the ability to choose multiple destinations at each specific facility location even when they are not physically present at those locations. Once the store selections are made, the MAPSTED SDK then suggests the most optimized route for their shopping adventure. Our MAPSTED SDK provides users with stress-free and efficient indoor navigation.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation:

Let's face it, successful indoor navigation means immediate and accurate directions. Mapsted SDK provides directional data from origin to destination using the various modes of transport (escalators, elevators, stairs, etc.). And arguably most important... customize the look and feel of the standard Mapsted Navigation styles to emphasize specific components of the map or make the map complement the style of your own app... put your own stamp on your map!

Mapsted SDK is extremely easy to integrate into your own smartphone application

Most developers need only 5 minutes to integrate our SDK into their app.

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