Retail Establishments

Location-based technology is poised to revolutionize the shopping experience.
Beacons came but are quickly going the way of the dinosaur...soon to be extinct!

Mapsted's hardware-free solution is the next step in adding value for customers and helping
immerse them in a satisfying shopping expedition. From navigating through malls while receiving
real-time ads and promotions to finding that specific item on the shelf... customers and retailers alike
benefit from such a service. While the benefits of wayfinding through malls and stores is paramount,
navigation is only one of the many benefits that Mapsted's location technology can provide.

Use Cases

  • Help patrons find the closest parking spot to the mall entrance.
  • Guide patrons through the facility with interactive turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Location based advertisements or coupons.
  • Loyalty rewards in real time.
  • Greet customers as they enter building.
  • Personalized geofencing targeted advertising campaigns based on known preferences.
  • Superior in-store experiences.
  • Context-aware promotions.
  • Aid navigation through your facility for those with disabilities or visual impairment.
  • Trigger in-store notifications and activate purchases based on location.
  • Create time-limited ads targeted to those located in or near store.
  • Engage customers with dialogue and positive messaging.
  • Guide shoppers more effectively to specific items or areas of store.
  • Constantly collect visitor info and demographic information to capitalize on patterns within your own mall or store.
  • Ability to modify YOUR facility map as stores change names.
  • Ability to change YOUR layouts as tenants leave, arrive or renovate.

Deep Analytics

  • Analyze traffic to better identify busier zones and foot traffic patterns.
  • Are customers lingering around a specific unused area? Perhaps it would benefit with more ad coverage?
  • Does a certain location get more foot traffic than anticipated? Those rents might be too low.
  • Is there congestion at a specific area? Mapsted can help people find an alternate path at congested times of day.
FACT * Timely notifications and ads lead to a 20x increase in purchase intent