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3 ways to make your exhibit a crowd-pleaser

Whether you like it or not, we now live in a digital world.

People would rather stop to take a selfie, or scroll through an app on their smartphone, than fully immerse themselves in any real-life experience.

For museums, staying relevant in the age of the smartphone can be challenging. Museums have recently been labeled as being dull, which is what that may be seen as because there isn't much interaction between exhibits and visitors. Museums aren’t integrating new technologies into their exhibits, which they need to do to remain competitive and provide a more visitor-friendly experience.

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Staying relevant in a tech landscape

1. Embrace the smartphone culture

In 2019, many museums are still fighting against the use of smartphones, even though it’s rare to find a person who isn’t constantly checking their screen. Since people are so attached to their devices, museums need to learn to embrace the culture of modern technology and use it to draw more visitors to their galleries and create more engaging exhibit experiences.

Mapsted’s advanced indoor location-based services help visitors find exhibits, navigate throughout the museum, and receive instant access to all necessary information about the art they came to view.

Sree Sreenvivasan, the New York City Metropolitan Museum of Arts Chief Digital Officer says that the museum’s biggest competition “isn’t the MoMA or Guggenheim. Our competition is Netflix. Candy Crush.”

For museums to stay competitive these days, they must embrace the smartphone culture and integrate mobile technology into their exhibits.

2. Control the traffic flow

In order for an exhibit to be a crowd pleaser, the crowd must be pleased. Congestion can ruin the visitor experience, so controlling the flow of foot traffic becomes very important.

Gaining valuable insights into guest location and behaviour with Mapsted’s real-time analytics technology can help pinpoint gallery areas that are prone to traffic jams. Having this data gives museums a chance to make improvements in crowd flow, and exhibit location, optimizing the overall visitor experience.

After all, museums want to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for their visitors. Ensuring the visitors are pleased is the best way to ensure they make plenty of return visits.


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3. Make the space interactive

A visitor’s experience can greatly improve through modern interactive technology. Combining older technology with the newest technology available can really take the visitors experience to the next level.

Motion sensors and touch screen displays were cool in 2015, but imagine having your guests immerse themselves in a prehistoric setting, using a virtual reality headset.

Even encouraging guests to experience the exhibits in a different way can enhance their experience. Enabling visitors to use senses that they would normally not think of using at a museum can change how they interact with and interpret what’s around them.

The sense of smell for example, may not be effective at expressing intellectual content, however it does lead to powerful memories and an emotional connection with the exhibit.

Mapsted’s hyperlocal intelligent marketing technology allows museums to add another layer of interactivity, by sending visitors relevant, timely messages and notifications so they don’t miss out on live presentations or offers related to the exhibits they came to see.

It’s important for museums to realize we live in an ever-advancing technological era. Mapsted’s next-generation indoor location-based services enable museums to create exhibits that keep visitors engaged, increase fundraising and profits, and attract more people to their space.

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