Trade Shows, Convention Centres, Exhibitions

Whatever you want to call them, 'trade shows' are often extremely busy, confusing and can be
a nightmare for exhibitors trying to hit their specific demographic. Current analytics don't allow anyone
to truly know the impact of their booths and whether it was able to reach their target audience... until now.

Mapsted has elevated the convention experience for event holders, exhibitors and attendees combined.
Everyone's time is precious, and we make sure that time is spent wisely. While the benefits
of wayfinding through huge and often complex spaces is paramount, navigation is only one
of the many benefits that Mapsted's location technology can provide.

With Mapsted Map

Greet customers as they enter the building
Guide staff and attendees seamlessly through
the event with each booth or display identified
individually on the event map.

Find My Friend

Find my Friend feature
allows users to connect with
contacts and business partners.

Increase Visibility

Improve your visitor experience
and increase visibility
for exhibitors.

Aid Navigation

Aid navigation through your facility
for those with disabilities or
visual impairment.


Trigger in-show notifications of speakers,
forums and special events
Create context-aware promotions.

Make Profit

Profit from location-based advertisement.
It is an excellent opportunity for revenue generation
through push notifications and marketing using
personalized and targeted advertising campaigns
based on location.

Modify your Maps

Maintain the ability to modify the facility map for each unique show, convention or exhibit and its specific layout. Point to point navigation, visitors can visit more of a show with efficiency and ease.

Tailored Offers

Constantly collect visitor info and demographic information to capitalize on traffic patterns within each show, convention or exhibit.


Navigate from parking (or even from home) into a certain hall to a specific booth or number of booths, allowing visitors to better plan their visit.

FACT * 65% of consumers receiving push notifications check and open them

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