Analyze this...and thatwith our next-generation, real-time analytics technology

There's a Core Analytics package designed to help you build the location-based analytics solution that you've always imagined.

Choose our Lite package if you just need some basic information, or, get the full story with deep insights into your customer behaviour using detailed data and a wide variety of visualization options with our All-in-one solution.



Foundation Package

It doesn't get simpler than this. We give you the processed data and you take care of the rest.


Complete Package

We put the power of knowledge in your hands.We do all the work, you get everything you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Paint by the numbers - create a complete picture of your customers' behaviour using our real-time location-based analytics technology

Use Cases

Trade Shows

The crowd's checking out the latest mirrorless camera in booth 3H, and it's getting pretty crowded over there.

According to the heat map, you need to send some traffic over to the star photographer giving a talk in section 9.

Use our Core Analytics technology to identify traffic flow issues throughout your show so you can solve them, fast.

Case Study: GITEX

During the four-day conference, each user actively navigated with Mapsted's navigation technology for more than 55 minutes.

And 1600 users spent more than 90 minutes using the location services. That's the power of analytics at work.

See how the organizers of GITEX used our detailed real-time data to keep their audiences engaged throughout the show.

Case Study


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