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The Path To Award-Winning Indoor Location Technology

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Mapsted Patents


Systems And Methods For Determining Indoor Location And Floor Of A Mobile Device

A way to determine the floor level and location coordinates of a mobile device in a multi-floor indoor space, using fingerprint calibration maps, device sensor data, and device movement data.

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Scalable Indoor Navigation And Positioning Systems And Methods

A scalable method of determining the indoor location of a device, such as a smartphone, using signal and sensor data points from multiple sensors without relying on hardware installation at the indoor location.

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Method And System For Positioning State Transition

A way to automatically detect the change in location of a mobile device, for example, from indoors to outdoors, based on GPS data and ambient data, including RSS data and/or signal connectivity data.

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Method and System for Crowd- Sourced Navigation Profile Options

A way to recommend indoor routes based on crowd-sourced pedestrian navigation data, using a set of icons to represent various route profile options, on a mobile device.

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Method and System for Mobile Device Localization in Extreme Ambient Conditions

A method of finding the location of a mobile device in extreme heat or cold, using temperature and barometric pressure readings from the device’s built-in sensors.

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Mobile Device Localization Based on Spatial Derivative Magnetic Fingerprint

The ability to find the location of a mobile device, using the magnetic signature pattern that represents absolute magnetic field measurements for a sequence of positions along the route that device is being carried.

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Crowd-Sourced Passive Positioning And Calibration

A crowd-sourced approach to the fingerprint calibration mapping process that enables rapid deployment and easier scalability of an indoor navigation solution.

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Magnetic Landmark Method and System for Detecting In-building (Local Venue) Threshold

A method for detecting when a mobile device crosses an entryway indoors, using magnetic signatures associated with magnetic landmarks, for example RFID security devices in mall store doorways.

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Method and System of Crowd- Sourced Pedestrian Localization

A way to find the location of a mobile device using location data of other nearby mobile devices.

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Method And System For Credential-Based Pedestrian Routing

A method for displaying an indoor route on a mobile device using a predetermined credential associated with the mobile device.

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Self-Learning Localization Data Repository

A way to automatically update a self-learning data repository for finding the location of a mobile device, using spatial derivative magnetic fingerprints.

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Method And System For Server-based Mobile Device Monitoring in Crowd-sourced Pedestrian Localization

A method of adjusting the radio frequency (RF) signal power levels of mobile devices in an indoor area to control signal interference, in order to enhance the quality of device localization.

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Method And System For Mobile Device Localization-Based Access

A way to verify a request for accessing an indoor area, based on user location.

Method And System For Embedded Device Localization-Based Progressive Indicators

A way to find a device that is embedded within another host device in a building, using a server system that is paired with the device, and has the ability to communicate with it.

Method And System For Mobile Device Processing Timeout Based Localization

A method of finding a mobile device first by using data from multiple sensors of the mobile device, and then, once a set processing time is exceeded, using a portion of that data.

Method And System For Mobile Device Localization Region In Trusted-GPS Region

A method of finding a mobile device, while it is being used to navigate along an indoor route, using boundaries identified as a trusted GPS area.

Method And System For Mobile Device Localization Using Barometric Fingerprint

The ability to find a mobile device using location-based barometric data patterns.

Method And System For Crowd-Sourced Barometric Fingerprint Data Repository

A way to update stored crowd-sourced map data using barometric pressure readings from a mobile device along an indoor route corresponding to the stored map.

Method And System Of Crowd-Sourced Heading Corrections

A way to update the direction a mobile device is moving in along an indoor route, by using the heading angles of nearby devices.

Neural Network Training For Mobile Device RSS Fingerprint-Based Indoor Navigation

A way of training a specific set of algorithms (neural networks) for use in smartphone-based indoor navigation, using RSS features and machine learning.


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