The Role of Indoor Navigation Systems in Modern Exhibitions & Events

May 02, 2024

Museums & Galleries

Indoor Navigation system for Exhibitions & Events

The global exhibitions and events industry market is expected to reach $2.1 trillion by 2032. This represents a growth rate of 6.4% from 2023 to 2032. As this industry expands, new innovations are emerging to enhance and refine the experience. Digital mapping applications and indoor navigation system for exhibitions & events are quickly revolutionizing this growing industry. Exhibitors and organizers are empowered to provide everything from blue-dot navigation and real-time updates, to intuitive interfaces and interactive features, enhancing the attendee experience, increasing revenue and event ROI.

Have you adopted an indoor navigation system to ensure modern indoor navigation capabilities for your visitors and attendees? 

In this blog, we will discuss how indoor navigation systems can enhance the visitor experience while increasing operation efficiency.

Understanding Indoor Navigation Systems For Businesses

Indoor navigation system for exhibitions and events are helping business owners overcome the challenges posed by global positioning systems (GPS) such as disrupted navigation capabilities due to poor signal, coverage and accuracy level.

The indoor navigation systems work upon a mix of sensors, infrastructure mapping data and wireless communication technologies. This technology is used in many business settings to enhance the visitor experience and business operation efficiencies. 

How Do Indoor Navigation Systems Differ From Traditional GPS-Based Navigation? 

Indoor navigation systems are widely known for accuracy indoors. And they complement GPS-based navigation by offering access to multiple signal sources, interactive navigation and added coverage capabilities. 

GPS-based navigation systems that depend on satellite signals may be weakened or lost in urban or complex indoor environments. This is where indoor navigation systems excel, surpassing GPS systems. They provide event and exhibition business owners with a seamless and precise indoor navigation experience independent of external power sources.

Enhance Exhibition & Trade Show Management With Mapsted’s Indoor Navigation Technology

At the forefront of indoor navigation technology, systems such as Mapsted offer an innovative solution for navigating complex indoor environments. Mapsted’s indoor positioning technology is helping attendees, exhibitors and trade show organizers with the following features:

1. The Visitor Experience

Mapsted’s indoor navigation system for trade shows and exhibitions can provide attendees with an interactive digital navigation and exhibition list management experience. Attendees can tailor their list of exhibitors based on their interests through your brand’s mobile applications and websites. This way, attendees can access a centralized view of all exhibitors and receive pop-up notifications to ensure they don’t miss a single booth. Overall, the modern technology offers a comprehensive indoor digital navigation toolkit that includes easy location-sharing and multi-language capabilities too.

2. Exhibitor Management

Get an added advantage by adopting Mapsted’s indoor navigation system for trade shows and exhibitions to drive foot traffic through promotion capabilities especially designed for exhibitors. A dedicated exhibitor portal that offers multiple tools including hyper-targeted messages to attendees at the show and available lead generation capabilities, turning those interactions into valuable insights for attendees to take action on the go.

3. Trade Show Organizer Capabilities

Ensure seamless management of trade shows across multiple platforms including desktops, smartphones, kiosk and tablets with Mapsted’s indoor navigation systems’ multi-device support capabilities. Orchestrate the planning and every other aspect of your trade shows and stay connected with your attendees.

Enhance Event Management and the Visitor Experience With Mapsted’s Indoor Navigation Systems

Mapsted’s Indoor navigation system helps visitor and members, marketing information and technology experts and operational specialists with the following features:

1. The Visitor Navigation Experience 

Mapsted’s indoor navigation systems allow visitors to explore locations like museums and galleries with interactive, tailored wayfinding. Communication capabilities such as pop-up notifications can be tailored to match their interests and preferences. Modern navigation technology allows event visitors to dive deeper into event information and share locations effortlessly. In addition, they can receive location-based information and notifications ensuring they don’t miss out on those must-see attractions. 

2. Marketing Information and Technology Teams

Mapsted offers a beacon-free technology allowing blue-dot navigation for precise wayfinding capabilities at complex infrastructures including exhibitions and museums. In addition, modern indoor navigation systems allow technology teams to adopt horizontal and vertical indoor positioning potentials, ensuringattendees never lose their way. Moreover, get a chance to unlock accurate data mapping, in-app accessibility support capabilities like offering promotional offers and discounts for improved indoor user experience while at the venue. Furthermore, this indoor positioning system for museums will support multiple devices including kiosk and multi-language support abilities.

3. Centralized Mapping Software Solution for Operations Specialists 

Mapsted indoor navigation software solutions empower operation specialists to centralize mapping tasks and improve efficiency. Mapsted’s indoor navigation solution simplifies every aspect of location mapping operations including visualizing complex spatial information to optimize indoor navigation capabilities with real-time updates.

Museum Indoor Navigation Technology Success Story

Allison McGrath, director of digital media service at The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY, sought out Mapsted in order to bring blue-dot mapping technology to her museum after it was increasingly requested by visitors. Dissatisfied with beacon-dependent solutions due to ongoing maintenance costs, McGrath sought a hardware-free alternative, ultimately choosing Mapsted. 

Recognizing the unique challenges and needs of indoor navigation systems within the museum, Mapsted implemented digital mapping and hardware-free blue-dot navigation at the museum, providing visitors and staff with seamless access to indoor events and navigation options, available through the museum website, on-site kiosks and onsite scannable QR code.


Indoor navigation system for exhibitions and events upgrade the way visitors experience them and how organizers manage them. Mapsted’s indoor navigation technology caters to both attendees or visitors and business owners to streamline operations and increase foot traffic, making for a comprehensive solution to address those navigation challenges faced within indoor and complex environments.

Clearly, the success story of a prominent museum showcases the shift from traditional indoor navigation practices to hardware-free navigation solutions for quick accessibility, improved operational efficiency and user experience.

However, adopting a beacon-free indoor navigation system is not about keeping up with the latest trend, it’s about upgrading the indoor navigation experiences for better.

If you found this technology blog engaging, get more insights on other strategic technology trends transforming the way businesses operate in the 2024. Also, don’t miss out on our enlightening video to unlock the potential of Mapsted’s location-based technology – your next step in exploring our cutting-edge solutions that redefine business efficiencies, customer experience and loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is an indoor navigation system important for large indoor infrastructures?

Ans. Improved visitor experience, optimized operational efforts, enhanced accessibility, promotion capabilities and future-proofing are some of the major benefits of indoor navigation systems for large indoor infrastructures.

Q2. What are the key features of beacon-free indoor navigation technology?

Ans. Hardware-free technology, blue-dot navigation, precise wayfinding, horizontal and vertical positioning and multi-device support are some of key features available in a beacon-free indoor navigation technology.

Q3. What are the most common challenges with traditional indoor navigation systems?

Ans. Limited signal accuracy, hardware dependency, restricted coverage, complex infrastructures, deployment and maintenance are the most common challenges found in traditional indoor navigation systems.

Q4. How does indoor navigation technology help museum owners?

Ans. Improved visitor experience, enhanced accessibility, personalized indoor navigation capabilities, increased engagement, efficient operations, data analytics and insights are the key advantages of an indoor navigation technology for museum owners.

Q5. What are the benefits of indoor navigation technology for large trade shows and exhibitions set-ups?

Ans. Optimized traffic flow, enhanced visitor experience, improved engagement, efficient booth management and real-time updates and communication are the key benefits of indoor navigation technology for large trade shows and exhibition set-ups.

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