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Powerful Positioning and Wayfinding Technology

Finding your way in large indoor spaces like malls, airports, or university campusescan be a challenge. Mapsted’s hardware-free location solutions can help your visitors quickly get to their destination, even in complex properties with multiple floors and buildings.

1-5 metre Blue Dot accuracy

Hardware-free scalable solution

Over 50 data sources

Millisecond processing speeds

IMDF output as an archive of GeoJSON files

Trusted by Clients

Integration of Apple’s Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) enables Mapsted to offer Apple indoor positioning and navigation support within our platforms, creating even more opportunities for a wide range of location-based applications for our clients and partners.

Innovative Location-based Solutions with IMDF

Mapsted creates and supports Apple Indoor Maps in our hardware-free location solutions, converting your floor plans into beautifully rendered 2D and 3D maps in IMDF format.


Precise Indoor Positioning

Experience seamless outdoor-indoor positioning & turn-by-turn Blue Dot navigation.

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Interactive Maps & Wayfinding

Feature detailed, searchable interactive maps across Mobile, Web, and Kiosk.

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Location-based Marketing

Increase conversions with location- and behaviour-based market segmentation and customer engagement tools.

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Real-Time Analytics

Gain deep insights into your visitors with real-time data visualization tools.

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Comprehensive Map Management

Customize and update your property maps across all platforms in real-time.

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Resource & Incident Management

Gain deep insights into your visitors with real-time data visualization tools.

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Discover seamless outdoor-indoor navigation that’s quick and easy to deploy in any environment! No beacons, Wi-Fi, or additional external hardware required.

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