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Indoor Localization Technology

Reach a Global Audience

Create an intuitive app experience for users anywhere in the world and reach a wider audience using Mapsted’s advanced indoor localization technologies.

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Seamless outdoor-indoor navigation that works anywhere!

No beacons, Wi-Fi, or additional external hardware required.


Language Localization

Easily adapt translations for map objects to a specific country or region. Translate property names and descriptions to enhance the app experience for local and international customers.

Mapsted’s language localization technology features include:

  • Support for both left-to-right and right-to-left languages
  • Automatic translation support for most commonly used languages

Additional translation and font files are needed for non-mainstream languages, but this is handled automatically when using Mapsted’s Map UI SDK or our prebuilt UI/UX.

Take Control of Localization with Programming

Achieve seamless localization with Mapsted's mobile software development kit (SDK). Capture device localization based on language settings, automatically defaulting to English when the selected language is unsupported. Customize localization effortlessly through programming capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor localization determines the location of an object or a person within an indoor environment. Unlike outdoor environments, indoor spaces pose unique challenges for localization due to the absence of GPS signals and limited line-of-sight conditions.

An indoor localization technique is a specific method or approach used to determine the location of an object or a person within an indoor environment. These techniques leverage various technologies and algorithms to estimate position accurately. Some commonly used indoor localization techniques include fingerprinting, trilateration, angle of arrival, time of flight, sensor fusion and machine learning.

Indoor localization plays a crucial role in various domains and offers several important benefits including improved navigation, emergency response, asset tracking and inventory management, location-based services, indoor analytics and optimization, augmented reality and virtual reality and Internet of Things (IoT) and smart environments.

Several indoor localization techniques are used to determine the position of objects or people within indoor environments. Some commonly employed techniques include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infrared and ultrasound, magnetic field, visible light communication, sensor fusion, computer vision and radio frequency identification.

Indoor localization enhances navigation, safety, efficiency, personalization, and interaction within indoor environments. It benefits individuals, businesses and organizations across various sectors, improving user experiences, optimizing operations, and unlocking new possibilities for innovation.

Flexible Solutions Serving Any Industry

Indoor navigation adds tremendous value to many different industries including (but not limited to):

Higher Education

Keep students, visitors and staff engaged and up-to-date with the latest campus news and events.

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Mall Retail

Keep shoppers in the “know” with the latest news, events, and deals happening around them.

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Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Send personalized welcome messages to your visitors, suggest upcoming live events, and help them connect with other attendees.

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Big Box Retail

Let shoppers know where they can find deals, send messages about events and latest product news.

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Hospitals & Healthcare

Personalize and send relevant notifications to patients, visitors and staff.

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Transportation Hubs

Share live travel updates with passengers along their journey, ensuring they’re up-to-date.

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Resorts & Parks

Upsell in-house specials or excursions, ensure guests know about all events taking place around your park or resort.

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Museums & Art Galleries

Send personalized welcome messages and upsell related products in your gift shop.

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