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What is the Mapsted Partner Program?

The Mapsted Partner Program was designed as a collaborative business initiative to partner with key ISVs, ISPs, and resellers on new business.

The partner program business ecosystem will consist of leading companies in marketing and advertising, technology, consulting, and retail analytics, forming evolving, flexible and mutually beneficial business partnerships.

Our primary focus is to work with partners who are willing and able to deliver best-in-class solutions to our targeted verticals, using Mapsted's advanced indoor positioning technology.

Mapsted Business Ecosystem

Airports & Airlines

Elevate customer experience, increase sales, understand passenger analytics, and much more

Colleges & Universities

Enable students and visitors to effortlessly navigate your campus, send location-based pop-ups, understand real-time traffic flow, and much more

Resorts & Parks

Enrich your guest experience, optimize staff placement, send notifications for near-by excursions, and much more

Museums & Art Galleries

Delight your visitors' with effortless navigation, upsell items in boutiques and cafés, under-stand visitors interests, and much more

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Connect your attendees with their colleagues, send live session notifications, allow effortless navigation, and much more

Big Box Retailers

Enhance overall shoppers' experience, up-sell products based on data-driven customer behaviour, and much more

The Benefits of a Partnership with Mapsted

Our Technology

Mapsted’s patented next-generation indoor navigation SDK is quick and easy for your customers to implement.

It's the world's only indoor wayfinding technology that requires no expensive external hardware or costly maintenance, and delivers a reliable and highly accurate solution.

Our Commitment to You

Our team of experts is committed to guiding you through every step of the SDK integration process, so you have all the tools you need to succeed.

We're constantly evolving to give you the most innovative, cutting-edge technology, so you can meet your growing client and business needs.

Our Program

We've designed the Mapsted Partner Program to cater to a wide variety of global clients and their needs through our Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers, ensuring you have a flexible, rewarding solution that works for you.

Mapsted Partner Program Tiers

Choose a partner tier level that best suits your business needs


Technical Integration Support

Ongoing Training Sessions

Regular Marketing Newsletter

Regular Account Planning Sessions

QBR and Strategy Meetings

Dedicated Partner Manager

Early product announcements and webinars

Mapsted Partner Portal

Partner spotlights/featured partner

Partner Licensing Discount

5 %
10 %
15 %
20 %

Min. Revenue Targets


Mapsted Partner Program Presentation

Grow your business with the Mapsted Partner Program.
Learn more about the benefits of working with us to deliver the best in innovative, next-generation indoor navigation solutions to your clients

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Grow your business with the Mapsted Partner Program

Become a trusted reseller or partner and collaborate with us to deliver advanced indoor navigation solutions to your clients.Get Started Today!
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