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The 3 Essentials of Location-Based Analytics
October 03, 2023The 3 Essentials of Location-Based Analytics

Mapsted’s location-based analytics combines geographic data from assets with data on an organization’s operations and customers to discover powerful answers to any business challenge and share those insights with the rest of the organization.  Moreover, location-based analytics enables businesses to build complete information and analyses for reaching new customers, markets, and labels of success. How?…

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What is Audience Segmentationand How Can it Help Businesses?
September 19, 2023What is Audience Segmentationand How Can it Help Businesses?

When you cater to everyone, you serve no one. The same can be true with marketing: when you market to everyone, it’s difficult to reach anyone. That is why audience segmentation is so powerful.  Let’s look at what audience segmentation is, why it’s important, and some key audience segmentation examples you can use to generate…

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Differences Between Indoor Mapping and Indoor Positioning
August 30, 2023Differences Between Indoor Mapping and Indoor Positioning

Mapsted Maps offers customers a searchable, interactive map that helps them plan and visualize their routes. The seamless indoor-outdoor wayfinding experience offered by this product helps visitors easily navigate inside a complex venue, and also allows for easy navigation across platforms.

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What is Geographic Segmentation?
August 17, 2023What is Geographic Segmentation?

Have you ever searched for service on the internet and been instantly provided with three different options all within 10 minutes of your current location? This is due to geographic segmentation.  The modern era has connected modern businesses to every corner of the world, including markets previous generations may never have considered. It’s like living…

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