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Cross-platform map experience

Our interactive 3D indoor mapping product is available for Mobile, Web, and Kiosk. You can choose to integrate Mapsted’s fully customizable prebuilt map into your app, or take advantage of our innovative hardware-free positioning technology using your own user interface.

Map Gestures

Map interactions are a fundamental component of Mapsted's map SDK. Our interactive maps support a variety of map gestures, consisting of map clicks, indicating when a user has clicked on the map, and event notifications, which let the user know when the map state changes. All common map gestures, including pan, zoom, tilt, and rotation, are supported by Mapsted Maps across mobile, Web, and kiosk. To learn more about interactive indoor map gestures, visit our Developer Documentation.

Offline Maps

All downloaded map data is automatically stored in a local database and available for you to use offline. This is a small file, averaging approximately 1-2 MB for a map covering 1-2 million square feet. Map data is automatically downloaded, as needed, based on what is nearby.

Map View

You have the option to customize the Map View in a varietyof different ways, including choosing a base map style like Classic, Light Mode, and Dark Mode. You also have the option to power your application using our position location technology, while using your own MapView.

Mapsted uses Open Street Maps as the georeference for user locations, buildings, and other map elements. We also fully support Google and Apple maps. If you use a different provider for your maps, we will do our best to accommodate other options.

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