Location Positioning Technology

Mapsted’s hardware-free location positioning technology allows for seamless, accurate, and reliable indoor-outdoor navigation across complex properties, like university campuses.

Because Mapsted’s technology doesn’t need beacons, Wi-Fi, or additional hardware, it works anywhere, and can help students, visitors, and staff easily navigate:

  • Building-to-building across campus
  • Inside large, multi-floor buildings
  • From on-campus outdoor areas to indoor spaces

Our intelligent map fetching feature dynamically loads the surrounding route as you navigate. This has many advantages for users, including:

  • Faster load times, allowing for real-time turn-by-turn navigation
  • Up-to-date route maps of surrounding area
  • Preservation of device battery life
  • Minimal data usage

Maps will automatically load for the current property upon arrival. If a user is visiting a specific university, they will have the most current map for that campus available to them.

They will also have the ability to shuffle through all available campus maps for other universities, as needed.

Learn more about the Mapsted Standard, and how it allows us to deliver highly accurate and scalable geopositioning technology solutions, without the use of beacons, Wi-Fi, or additional external hardware.

“Mapsted’s stand-alone navigation technology means we don’t have to install any additional hardware in each station. This helps in lowering maintenance costs, and allows us to scale our product faster. We are looking forward to partnering with Mapsted.”


Umesh Tallam, Managing Director, Shubh Prayan

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