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Core Positioning SDK

Real-time positioning
  • Multi-building support - Seamlessly navigate between all the buildings in your complex, and take the frustration out of wayfinding
  • Multi-floor support - Easily find your way from floor to floor to quickly reach any destination in a complex environment
  • Multi-destination routing - Choose a few places to visit, and efficiently navigate to each one, without losing your way
  • Optimized routing - Find the best route between destinations, and get where you need to go without all the stress
  • Auto rerouting - Quickly get to your original destination, no matter how far off route you find yourself
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Core Marketing SDK

Send timely, targeted messages and notifications, based on specific actions, to help your visitors get the most out their experience in your venue

  • Location-based triggers - Reach your visitors with relevant messages and notifications, based on where they are in your space
  • Behaviour-based triggers - Send tailored offers or promotions to your visitors based on their habits and the way they interact with your space
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Core Analytics SDK

Check how often customers visit specific locations within your venue

  • Search - Look at how your visitors search for destinations they want to visit
  • Preview - Analyze how your visitors prefer to preview their routes
  • Navigate - See which methods of navigation are most popular with your visitors
  • Reach - Evaluate the methods your visitors used most often to reach their destination

Heat Maps - Data visualization that lets you see exactly how visitors interact with your space, so you can personalize their experience

  • Dwell time - See how long visitors spend at specific areas within your space
  • Pass-by - Keep track of the areas in your building visitors walk by the most
  • Frequency - Check how often customers visit specific locations within your venue
Real-time Alerts and Notifications
  • Quickly get informed about real-time changes to traffic flow and patterns in your space to make things run smoothly
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