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Powerful traffic analysis and advanced indoor navigation for trade shows.

Use Mapsted’s location positioning solutions to drive traffic to your venue, optimize your exhibits, and create a personalized event experience for your audience.

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Optimized Visitor Experience

Digital transformation using location-based marketing tools provides an extremely personalized experience for your next trade show. Supply a digital map for visitors to easily navigate the building, and send them contextual messages surrounding each event.

Wayfinding your way

Deliver an intuitive, customizable navigation experience that helps guide your attendees to booths and presentations at your show using interactive maps and highly accurate indoor positioning features.

Engage and inform

Use location- and behaviour-based messaging tools to send personalized welcome messages to your visitors when they arrive at the show, suggest upcoming live events, and help them connect with other attendees.

Manage the flow

Use heat maps to visualize traffic flow throughout your exhibition, and see what areas draw the most and least amount of traffic, so you can quickly move events or displays to optimize flow.

What Sets Mapsted Apart?

Mapsted is an innovative location based technology company in Canada. We are trusted by clients from around the world and serve various industries such as shopping malls, universities, hospitals, railways, resorts etc.

Our intelligent indoor location based solutions do not rely on external hardware to work within your facility, meaning that you can deploy our technology through any smartphone without additional costs.

Our team of PhDs, engineers, and scientists are extremely invested in the research process, continually innovating and taking everything we learn from each industry we serve and applying it to the next.

We work collaboratively with our clients, valuing diversity, knowledge, experiences, and cultures which allows us to exceed the requirements of our vast client base by committing to the individual needs of each of our customers.

Connect With Your Audience

Use powerful location technology solutions to help your exhibitors direct visitors to their booths, increase attendance at live product demos, and gain valuable feedback from attendees.

Advanced Indoor Navigation

Enhance the visitor experience with highly accurate, intuitive positioning tools that take the frustration out of wayfinding, and help guide your attendees to the booths and live demonstrations they don’t want to miss.

  • Interactive maps, turn-by-turn Blue Dot navigation
  • Horizontal and vertical positioning and multi-building support
  • Built-in accessibility options, including voice navigation and speech-to-text search
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Contextual Messaging

Help exhibitors connect with their targeted audiences, so they can increase sales and generate more interest in their products.

  • Personalized, location-based welcome messages and live session notifications
  • Time-sensitive discounts for products or services available at your exhibition
  • Detailed surveys for valuable customer feedback
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Real-Time Traffic Flow Analysis

Use detailed, real-time insights to optimize traffic flow, plan the perfect location for a live demo or presentation, and adjust marketing strategies to attract more visitors, increase sales, and even plan next year’s show.

  • Comprehensive location- and behaviour-based visitor information
  • Heat maps for in-depth traffic density and flow information
  • Detailed insights into most and least popular exhibits
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Make Your Visitors Feel Welcome

Send welcome messages to visitors, direct them to presentations they won’t want to miss, and help them connect with their network at your trade show.

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A Variety Of Solutions To Fit Your Journey

Mapsted Maps & Indoor Navigation

Mapsted’s indoor maps provide seamless outdoor-indoor navigation and localization with turn-by-turn blue dot navigation without the use of beacons or other external hardware.

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Manage CMS

Edit and manage your map and properties with Manage CMS. A software dedicated to helping you manage and exceed your business goals.

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Mapsted Marketing Platform

Create and send contextual messaging, events, sales, and notifications. Plan for future campaigns to increase revenue while keeping costs low.

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Mapsted Analytics Platform

Visualize real-time location data through foot fall heat maps, user trajectories, visit time, number of visitors, and more. Back your decision making with compelling visual stories that best represent your data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor wayfinding allows anyone to find their way in and around the trade show through a mobile application. This makes the attendee experience stress-free and easy. Attendees can effortlessly search for a desired booth and navigate directly to where they need to be.

Mapsted’s location based advertising technology helps vendors find the right audience for their services and improves customer engagement with advanced market segmentation, customer engagement, and targeted notification tools. Mapsted is the only company on earth who can provide such accurate and advanced services without the need for external hardware.

Yes. The Notify CRM platform facilitates connections between you and attendees by allowing you to send promotions, announcements, surveys, and rewards directly to consumer’s phones via push notifications.

Traffic visualization is the visual representation of the attendee traffic data at your trade show. By using visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps, Mapsted’s traffic visualization tools provide an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data. In the world of Big Data, traffic visualization tools and technology are essential to analyze massive amounts of information and make data-driven decisions.

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