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Deliver a seamless shopping experience with advanced indoor navigation solutions

Use Mapsted’s indoor navigation solutions to enable your big box location with advanced store navigation, marketing, and analytics technology to bridge the gap between online shopping and in-person shopping.

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Elevated Customer Experience

In this digitally focused era, busy tech savvy shoppers expect the same ease they get with online shopping, but in-person. Redefine the big box in-store experience with Mapsted’s next-generation location-based technology to give your customers a better level of service, increase sales, and optimize traffic flow.

Find Your Way

Use innovative wayfinding tools with horizontal and vertical positioning, multi-building capabilities, and accessibility support to deliver intuitive store navigation to help shoppers effortlessly search and find the products they are looking for.

Stay up-to-date

Send targeted offers and notifications to your shoppers, keeping them informed about the latest deals, promotions and events happening at your store.

Learn From Analytics

View advanced customer analytics and store usage data to understand shopping patterns, trends, and visitor behavior. Get valuable insights into space utilization to optimize layout and understand how your space is being used.

What Sets Mapsted Apart?

Mapsted is an innovative location based technology company in Canada. We are trusted by clients from around the world and serve various industries such as shopping malls, universities, hospitals, railways, resorts etc.

Our intelligent indoor location based solutions do not rely on external hardware to work within your facility, meaning that you can deploy our technology through any smartphone without additional costs.

Our team of PhDs, engineers, and scientists are extremely invested in the research process, continually innovating and taking everything we learn from each industry we serve and applying it to the next.

We work collaboratively with our clients, valuing diversity, knowledge, experiences, and cultures which allows us to exceed the requirements of our vast client base by committing to the individual needs of each of our customers.

Create a Smart Shopping Environment

Use innovative location positioning technology solutions to deliver a smart shopping experience that allows your store to bring the online shopping experience to in-person locations, while planning for the future, creating sustainable growth, and keeping costs low.

Seamless Wayfinding

Enable your store with powerful, accessible navigation tools that take the frustration out of wayfinding for all.

  • Interactive maps, turn-by-turn Blue Dot navigation
  • Intelligent search
  • Advanced accessibility routing with voice navigation and environmental alerts
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Send Timely Messages

Create custom notifications for your shoppers at key points throughout their shopping journey, ensuring everyone on your property stays up-to-date with the latest news, events, and sales happening around your store.

  • Geofenced and behaviour-based triggers
  • Contextual, useful messaging via SMS, smartphone pop-ups, or news feed
  • Timely, relevant offers and discounts
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Advanced Analytics

Create a complete picture of traffic flow across your property and understand how your space is being used.

  • Use heat maps and dwell time to understand how visitors interact with your space
  • Get real-time usage statistics for traffic volume at entrances, exits, and other areas
  • Access real-time headcount statistics in all property areas in case of emergencie
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Increase Sales With Location Technology

Optimize your displays, upsell products, and create a better customer experience with Mapsted’s personalized location technology solutions for big box retail.

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Increase Sales With Location Technology

Optimize your displays, upsell products, and create a better customer experience with Mapsted’s personalized location technology solutions for big box retail.

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A Variety Of Solutions To Fit Your Journey

Mapsted Maps & Indoor Navigation

Mapsted’s indoor maps provide seamless outdoor-indoor navigation and localization with turn-by-turn blue dot navigation without the use of beacons or other external hardware.

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Manage CMS

Edit and manage your map and properties with Manage CMS. A software dedicated to helping you manage and exceed your business goals.

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Mapsted Marketing Platform

Create and send contextual messaging, events, sales, and notifications. Plan for future campaigns to increase revenue while keeping costs low.

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Mapsted Analytics Platform

Visualize real-time location data through foot fall heat maps, user trajectories, visit time, number of visitors, and more. Back your decision making with compelling visual stories that best represent your data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor wayfinding allows users to find their way inside a large indoor space. It is most beneficial for large buildings with complex infrastructure that are mostly crowded.

Indoor navigation can help customers at big box retail stores find their way around, get alerts and notifications, share location, and many other features. This technology will enhance their overall experience at the retail store.

Mapsted’s Indoor Location Services for big box retailers enables customers to navigate around the property with innovative wayfinding tools. They can receive notifications about special offers around them and stay up to date on the latest news and promotions. The management can use highly detailed analytical reports to improve services.

Yes, Mapsted offers location-based marketing technology that can help you run highly targeted advertisements, alerts, and notifications based on your customer’s location and behavioral pattern.

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