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Win Customers With Geo-Conquesting Software

Personalized Geo-Conquesting Campaigns Capture New Customers

Give customers a reason to gravitate to you and away from the competition with Mapsted’s robust geo-conquesting platform. It also does wonders for increasing your brand awareness.

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World-Leading Wireless Location Technology

With 100+ patents, Mapsted’s trailblazing indoor location technology demonstrates leadership in the field and a commitment to technology innovation with unmatched accuracy, reliability and versatility. Our indoor positioning system is the most accurate on the market for indoor marketing and location-based targeting. Our system achieves a 1-5 metre accuracy without Bluetooth beacons, external Wi-Fi or additional external hardware. You won’t have to worry about hardware maintenance or installation costs.


The Merits Of Geo-Conquesting

Mapsted’s innovative hardware-free geo-conquesting tools work with our advanced audience segmentation and customer engagement platforms to help you create highly effective geo-conquesting campaigns.

These marketing campaigns woo potential customers away from the competition by allowing your brand to send highly targeted ads to consumers visiting a competitor’s business.


Draw a virtual perimeter around a competitor’s business, then send meaningful location-based offers to potential customers when they are most likely to act on them.

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Plant The Seed For Business Growth

Reach your ideal customers right when and where they’re looking for a product or service like yours.Use Mapsted’s powerful geo-conquesting marketing tools to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reinforce brand recognition
  • Attract new customers
  • Identify your competitors
  • Increase sales
  • Run more effective marketing campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

Geo-conquesting is a location-based marketing strategy that involves targeting potential customers in close proximity to a competitor's physical location. It utilizes geofencing technology to establish virtual boundaries around the competitor's premises and delivers targeted advertising or promotional messages to individuals within that area.

Geo-conquesting works by utilizing geofencing technology to establish virtual boundaries around a specific geographic area, typically the physical location of a competitor's business. A geofence is created using technology to define a virtual perimeter around the desired location. This perimeter can be as small as a specific building or as large as an entire neighborhood, depending on the targeting goals.

Geo-conquesting and geo-targeting are two distinct location-based marketing strategies, although they are related and often used together. The primary focus of geo-conquesting is to capture customers who are in the vicinity of a competitor and convince them to choose the implementing business over the competition. Geo-targeting focuses on reaching users in specific geographic areas, regardless of whether there is direct competition nearby. It aims to deliver messages to a defined target audience based on their location.

Geo-conquesting offers several advantages for businesses that implement this location-based marketing strategy. Some of these include targeting competitors’ customers, increased foot traffic, competitive advantage, contextual relevance, precision targeting, analytics and insights and brand awareness.

There are two competing coffee shops located in the same neighbourhood, Shop A and Shop B. Shop A wants to attract customers who usually visit Shop B by leveraging geo-conquesting. So, they decide to implement a geo-conquesting campaign using targeted mobile advertising. Shop A strategically uses geo-conquesting to attract customers who are already near Shop B. By delivering targeted messages and appealing offers to these potential customers, Shop A aims to entice them to their own coffee shop and potentially build long-term customer relationships.

How It Works

Mapsted gives you all the tools necessary for you to gather and leverage the full range of consumer historical and situational information available to deliver highly personalized contextual messaging. The end result? Increased customer engagement, increased sales and successful business outcomes!


Find and target consumers and potential customers in your market using our powerful audience segmentation platform.Learn how to gain the deep insights you need to market to your potential customers using Mapsted’s location marketing technology.


Design compelling campaigns using Mapsted’s dynamic customer engagement tools to reach your clients with relevant offers they won’t be able to resist.Learn more about creating effective hyper- personalized campaigns with Location-based advertising


Send contextual, useful offers and promotions to your potential customers at the right time, in the right place, using our targeted alert and notification management platform.Learn how to use geofencing and behaviour-based triggers to create and send relevant push notifications with Notify CRM

Flexible Solutions Serving Any Industry

Indoor navigation adds tremendous value to many different industries including (but not limited to):

Higher Education

Keep students, visitors and staff engaged and up-to-date with the latest campus news and events.

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Mall Retail

Keep shoppers in the “know” with the latest news, events, and deals happening around them.

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Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Send personalized welcome messages to your visitors, suggest upcoming live events, and help them connect with other attendees.

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Big Box Retail

Let shoppers know where they can find deals, send messages about events and latest product news.

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Hospitals & Healthcare

Personalize and send relevant notifications to patients, visitors and staff.

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Transportation Hubs

Share live travel updates with passengers along their journey, ensuring they’re up-to-date.

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Resorts & Parks

Upsell in-house specials or excursions, ensure guests know about all events taking place around your park or resort.

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Museums & Art Galleries

Send personalized welcome messages and upsell related products in your gift shop.

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