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Mapsted delivers innovative world-leading location technology solutions for business and industry

Mapsted Brief Bio

Mapsted is a world leader in location technology, helping businesses enhance customer experience through innovative, location-based positioning,
marketing, and analytics solutions.

Company Overview

Founded in 2014, Mapsted is an innovative Canadian technology firm and a world leader in location-based solutions.
Unlike competing platforms, Mapsted's patented award-winning location technology doesn't rely on the use of expensive external hardware to determine position, making it highly accurate, scalable, and cost-effective. The company holds 100+ patents and has over 55+ patents pending for its innovations.

Mapsted offers advanced front and back end location-based technology solutions to meet the growing needs of the global business community. The company is divided into three distinct business segments.

Under the Location Positioning Technology division, Mapsted offers a suite of products that deliver seamless outdoor-indoor navigation without the need for beacons, Wi-Fi, or additional external hardware. Mapsted's Location Marketing Technology arm helps clients find the right audience for their services and improves customer engagement with advanced market segmentation and targeted notification tools. The Location Analytics Technology unit provides business clients with deep insights into customer behaviour and a comprehensive location- based analytics suite to help them take their companies to the next level.

Mapsted is proud to serve clients in a wide range of industries, including higher education, transportation, big box and mall retail, health care, hospitality, manufacturing, and government.

Company Facts

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