Manage CMS

Tailor Mapsted Maps to meet your specific business needs using Manage CMS. Our proprietary content management system features easy-to-use modules designed to help you quickly manage and customize your properties.

Manage - Dashboard

Manage Dashboard allows you to add and manage properties and floor plans.

Use Manage Dashboard to:

  • Add and customize new properties

Use Manage Dashboard to:

  • Upload and organize floor plans
  • Use Manage Dashboard to:

  • Set working and holiday hours for your properties
  • Use Manage Dashboard to:

  • Select authentication permissions for visitors and staff
  • Manage - Branding

    Manage Branding lets you fully control customization options in different map layers to match your company brand.

    You have the option to customize:

    • Colours, logos, and fonts
    • Property layers, including:
      • Parking
      • Accessibility
      • Dining options
    • Building layers, including:
      • Parks
      • Pathways
      • Washrooms

    • Map styles:
      • Classic
      • Light Mode
      • Dark Mode

    Manage - Maintenance

    Mapsted’s maintenance module allows property management teams to mark points of interest, like elevators, as closed for maintenance, set desired levels of property access for contract workers, and help keep visitors safe during emergencies.

    Manage Maintenance allows you to control:

    • POI asset tags
    • Authentication permissions
    • Emergency response planning

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