Real-time Indoor Navigation

Mapsted delivers turn-by-turn indoor navigation without the need for additional external hardware. Our technology uses horizontal and vertical positioning, as well as multi-building positioning, to allow users to seamlessly navigate across complex outdoor-indoor venues.

We use a directional beam to pinpoint user location on our maps. The beam auto-rotates to adjust orientation based on where a user is, creating a contextual navigation experience.

World-leading Innovation

Mapsted's technology relies on innovative, adaptive, data-fusion, and self-learning algorithms to deliver accurate, scalable indoor and outdoor positioning technology using any off-the-shelf smartphone.

It uses magnetic or wireless disturbances in the environment to learn and determine location, essentially converting that 'noise' into useful information.

Hardware-free Location Technology

Our indoor navigation technology is forward-thinking in nature, and doesn't require the use of beacons, ultra-wideband tags, turbo charged access points, Wi-Fi, or additional external hardware to work. This means our technology is scalable, easy to deploy and can be quickly distributed to any location or venue.

The Mapsted Standard

1-3 metre Blue Dot accuracy

Hardware-free scalable solution

Over 50 data sources

Millisecond processing speeds

Horizontal and Vertical Positioning

Mapsted's indoor navigation system uses powerful horizontal and vertical positioning technology to help users navigate through different types of locations.

This type of positioning uses x,y coordinates for precise, highly accurate navigation, and makes it easy for users to reach their desired destinations in multi-floor venues.

Multi-building Positioning

Our multi-building positioning allows for seamless outdoor-indoor navigation across complex sites, like university campuses, which are often made up of a large number of buildings spread out across a wide area.

Enabling this technology across campuses will allow students, visitors, and faculty to easily navigate to:

  • Outdoor sporting events
  • Classrooms and exams
  • Residence buildings

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