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Provide a seamless, engaging campus wayfinding experience

Use Mapsted’s location-based positioning solutions to enable your campus with inclusive, barrier-free navigation, effectively manage your property, and keep students, visitors, and staff safe.

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Enhanced Campus Experience

Create a safe and engaging experience for new and returning students, visitors, and staff using advanced indoor positioning, notification, and property management tools for mobile, Web, and kiosk.

Find your way

Deliver intuitive campus navigation - from parking lot to chair - using innovative wayfinding tools with horizontal and vertical positioning, multi-building capabilities, and accessibility support.

Stay informed

Use location- and behaviour-based messaging tools to send timely, relevant notifications to keep everyone informed of nearby events, updates, and alerts on campus.

Put safety first

Create an emergency response plan, keep on top of maintenance issues, and send real-time updates and alerts to everyone on campus using advanced tagging and property management tools.

Here’s What Our Clients Say

Choosing to work with Mapsted was easily the best decision for our University! A one-stop-shop for all our location-based needs.University of Windsor

COLIN MCLELLANAssociate Director, Capital Projects, UoW

What Sets Mapsted Apart?

Mapsted is an innovative location based technology company in Canada. We are trusted by clients from around the world and serve various industries such as shopping malls, universities, hospitals, railways, resorts etc.

Our intelligent indoor location based solutions do not rely on external hardware to work within your facility, meaning that you can deploy our technology through any smartphone without additional costs.

Our team of PhDs, engineers, and scientists are extremely invested in the research process, continually innovating and taking everything we learn from each industry we serve and applying it to the next.

We work collaboratively with our clients, valuing diversity, knowledge, experiences, and cultures which allows us to exceed the requirements of our vast client base by committing to the individual needs of each of our customers.

Become A Smarter Campus

You already have the brightest minds on campus, mirror the intellect with Mapsted’s location based technology. Create a campus that works seamlessly for everyone by creating an accessible digital map of the property, as well as providing real time updates to staff and students.

Seamless Outdoor-Indoor Wayfinding

Enable your campus with powerful navigation tools that take the frustration out of wayfinding, from first year to graduation day.

  • Interactive maps, turn-by-turn Blue Dot navigation
  • Real-time class and exam location updates
  • Decreased need for campus wayfinding signage
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Advanced Accessibility

Ensure your institution meets the highest levels of accessibility to provide inclusive, barrier-free access to your campus, and meet the navigation needs of all students, visitors, and staff.

  • Voice navigation
  • Environmental alerts
  • Search enhancements
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Real-time Campus Management

Help your facilities teams easily manage a large multi-building campus, effectively allocate staff and resources, and keep costs low.

  • Location-based tagging for maintenance issues
  • Real-time rerouting and push notifications
  • Emergency route planning
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Make Campus Navigation Effortless

See how Mapsted’s personalized location technology solutions are helping universities increase enrollment, keep students safe or campus, and increase operational efficiency.

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Make Campus Navigation Effortless

See how Mapsted’s personalized location technology solutions are helping universities increase enrollment, keep students safe or campus, and increase operational efficiency.

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A Variety Of Solutions To Fit Your Journey

Mapsted Maps & Indoor Navigation

Mapsted’s indoor maps provide seamless outdoor-indoor navigation and localization with turn-by-turn blue dot navigation without the use of beacons or other external hardware.

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Manage CMS

Edit and manage your map and properties with Manage CMS. A software dedicated to helping you manage and exceed your business goals.

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Mapsted Marketing Platform

Create and send contextual messaging, events, sales, and notifications. Plan for future campaigns to increase revenue while keeping costs low.

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Mapsted Analytics Platform

Visualize real-time location data through foot fall heat maps, user trajectories, visit time, number of visitors, and more. Back your decision making with compelling visual stories that best represent your data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor wayfinding allows anyone to find their way in and around campus through a mobile application. This makes the experience on campus stress-free and easy.

The Notify CRM platform facilitates connections between administrators and students/visitors allowing you to send promotions, campus announcements, surveys, and rewards directly to students’ phones via push notifications.

Mapsted’s accessibility features allow students to find alternate routes for paths that are restricted for people with specified credentials. With accessibility in mind, Mapsted Maps provides inclusive barrier-free access to your campus for everyone.This ensures users have access to the most efficient routes, avoiding areas such as stairs and escalators, while using voice navigation and environmental alerts.

The colour and display adjustments on the map include options for both high and dark contrast, to ensure on-screen information is easily accessible to everyone, and the speech-to-text feature provides a faster, more natural way to search for desired points of interest and destinations.

Returning students tend to have most of the classes for their program in only one or two buildings. They become so familiar with these buildings that they don’t really go anywhere else on campus. But classes can change locations at the last minute, exams can be in different buildings, and stores around campus can have different hours. Returning students can rely on Mapsted to get real-time notifications about location changes and the most efficient routes to the updated buildings.

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