Enhanced Campus Experience

Create a safe and engaging experience for new and returning students, visitors, and staff using advanced indoor positioning, notification, and property management tools for mobile, Web, and kiosk.

Find your way

Deliver intuitive campus navigation - from parking lot to chair - using innovative wayfinding tools with horizontal and vertical positioning, multi-building capabilities, and accessibility support.

Stay informed

Use location- and behaviour-based messaging tools to send timely, relevant notifications to keep everyone informed of nearby events, promotions, and alerts.

Put safety first

Create an emergency response plan, keep on top of maintenance issues, and send real-time updates and alerts to everyone on campus using advanced tagging and property management tools.

Create a Smart Campus

Use innovative location positioning technology solutions to deliver a smart campus experience that allows your university to plan for the future, creates sustainable growth, and keeps costs low.

Seamless outdoor-indoor wayfinding

Enable your campus with powerful navigation tools that take the frustration out of wayfinding, from first year to graduation day.

  • Interactive maps, turn-by-turn Blue Dot navigation
  • Real-time class and exam location updates
  • Decreased need for campus wayfinding signage
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Advanced Accessibility

Ensure your institution meets the highest levels of accessibility to provide inclusive, barrier-free access to your campus, and meet the navigation needs of all students, visitors, and staff.

  • Voice navigation
  • Environmental alerts
  • Search enhancements
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Real-time Campus Management

Help your facilities teams easily manage a large multi-building campus, effectively allocate staff and resources, and keep costs low.

  • Location-based tagging for maintenance issues
  • Real-time rerouting and push notifications
  • Emergency route planning
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Mapsted Solutions

Explore Mapsted’s comprehensive positioning products and services to deliver innovativecampus experiences for everyone.

Mapsted Maps Mobile

Mapsted Maps Mobile with indoor positioning allows for seamless outdoor-indoor navigation and localization without the use of beacons or other external hardware.

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Mapsted Maps Web

Searchable interactive map & wayfinding. Mapsted Maps Web offers visitors and staff a searchable, interactive map that helps them plan and visualize their routes.

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Manage CMS

Map and property management system. Manage and customize Mapsted Maps to meet specific business needs.

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