It's all about you. And your customers, of course.

Give them what they want, when they need it, with one of our intelligent marketing options.

There's a Core Marketing package designed to help you engage with your clients and deliver the offers and notifications they'll want, exactly when they'll need them.

Choose our Lite package if you're looking for the basics, or, let us help you easily create fully-customizable, hyperlocal campaigns to reach your customers with our All-in-one solution.


Foundation Package

Let's keep it simple. We give you all the location-based triggers you need and you take care of the rest.


Complete Package

Relax. We've got this. Our complete marketing solution lets you customize your campaigns based on location and customer behaviour triggers.

Use Cases

Museums & Art Galleries

Your new contemporary art exhibit is proving to be super popular. But your gift shop's empty.

Use our Core Marketing technology to send targeted messages to your visitors letting them know they can get 10% off related merchandise in the gallery gift shop.


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