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Award-winning Indoor Positioning

Mapsted is an innovative Canadian technology firm anda world leader in indoor navigation solutions.

We give your business the power of effortless navigation, hyperlocal, intelligent marketing, and detailed insights into customer behaviour with the power of real-time analytics.

And our stand-alone, patented indoor navigation solution doesn't rely on the use of expensive external hardware to determine position, making it highly accurate, scalable, and inexpensive.

Our Products

From the bare necessities to a fully-customizable all-in-one solution, everything you need to enable your applications with our next-generation location-based services

Core Positioning SDK

Leverage our advanced indoor navigation and positioning technology for your applications

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Core Marketing SDK

Engage your customers with our hyperlocal, intelligent marketing technology

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Core Analytics SDK

Explore deep insights into your customer behaviour with our detailed location-based analytics

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"Mapsted allows users to have accurate indoor wayfinding capabilities right in the palms of their hands. In fact, over 1600 attendees spent more than 90 minutes each using Mapsted's innovative app at this year's GITEX."

Firat AktasMarketing Director, Brand Innovation & Communication, Dubai World Trade Centre

See how our products helped visitors easily navigate over 4,000 exhibitor booths in 21 halls at the year's largest international tech showCase Study

Innovative Business Solutions

Leverage Mapsted's advanced indoor location-based services tocreate customized solutions that meet the growing demands of your business

Airports & Airlines

Elevate customer experience, increase sales, understand passenger analytics, and much more

Colleges & Universities

Enable students and visitors to effortlessly navigate your campus, send location-based pop-ups, understand real-time traffic flow, and much more

Resorts & Parks

Enrich your guest experience, optimize staff placement, send notifications for near-by excursions, and much more

Museums & Art Galleries

Delight your visitors' with effortless navigation, upsell items in boutiques and cafés, under-stand visitors interests, and much more

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Connect your attendees with their colleagues, send live session notifications, allow effortless navigation, and much more

Big Box Retailers

Enhance overall shoppers' experience, up-sell products based on data-driven customer behaviour, and much more

Meet the growing demands of your business with our next-generation indoor location-based solutions.

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