The FIRST to truly UNLOCK the door to Indoor Location-Based Technology Services

Mapsted is the only localization technology provider in the world to deliver hardware-free navigation and all of its many benefits... right to the palm of your hand!

We unlock the indoors for you to improve your customer experience, discover their patterns and habits, and take this previously hidden knowledge straight to the bank.

Beacons are obsolete!

Other companies have tried to provide indoor navigation using old technology such as expensive beacons, magnetic fields, and so on. These methods of attempting indoor navigation have failed and are OBSOLETE! Mapsted also requires ZERO connectivity! No Wi-Fi, No Bluetooth, No Data needed with Mapsted!
  • No Beacons
  • No Internet
  • No External Hardware

Key Benefits


Enhance customer experiences


Engage and connect with customers in real time


Evolve by learning from your customers’ patterns, habits & preferences


Maximize your return on investment

The FIRST to truly UNLOCK the door to
Indoor Location-Based Technology Services

Mapsted SDK

‘Plug and Play’ Software Development Kit providing hardware-free handheld Indoor Navigation to power YOUR app

  • Engage your visitors by showing them where they are and guiding them to specific points of interest
  • Stay connected by leading shoppers to particular items or areas for superior in-store experiences
  • Lay down the groundwork for the addition of Marketing and Analytics

Mapsted Analytics

Valuable intelligence gleaned from
your own visitors' trends, patterns
and preferences

  • Gain insight into indoor traffic patterns, volumes and visit times
  • See how long visitors spend in specific locations and their demographics
  • Leverage this information to enhance visitor experiences, capitalize on these trends, and optimize ROI

Mapsted Marketing

Proximity-based messaging allows you
to directly communicate with the right
person in the right place at the right time

  • Now that you know the 'who' and 'where', add the 'when' → right NOW!
  • The "Holy Grail" of marketing is here - communicate in real-time with your visitors to provide detailed information based on precise visitor location
  • Entice customers inside your location with special offers... while they are nearby with their wallet in hand!

Mapsted Map Studio

Customize your map with YOUR colours
and theme and Control your venue as
it grows and improves

  • Maintain your own branding with customized colours
  • You keep control… to move stores, add tenants, split store configurations or change store names

Sample Features & Functions


  • Find your way with real-time turn-by-turn navigation
  • Plan the fastest route with multiple stops... or a route that hits all locations with your specific item


  • Send instantaneous information or targeted messages to visitors based on their location within your site
  • Enhance these messages utilizing their known preferences or loyalty data


  • Use a virtual boundary around your location to target anyone that crosses that perimeter in either direction
  • Monitor this traffic to alert staff, reward patrons or to create a personal bond with your visitors


  • Learn about usage of your building to maximize efficient allocation of resources, change traffic patterns, or set suitable rental income


  • Find out all the w's about your location — Who? When? Where? — and then cater to these answers to maximize ROI and improve their experiences in your facility

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